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Pregnancy Phase

Pregnancy week by week, pregnancy symptom, pregnancy problem and what to eat during pregnncy

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Buying Toys: There are a few consideration when parents buy toys for their children, these include safety feature, age-appropriate and objectives of the toys

How to choose appropriate toys?

There are many varieties of toys available in the market, this makes choosing appropriate toys important for the parents. A good toy not only becomes baby's good friend, it also helps baby to master some skills such motor skill or language skill.

A good toy should be safe for baby to use, it must not contain excessive level of harmful chemicals and it should not have any small parts. An appropriate toy should also cater to the development needs of the baby at different ages.

Read further here to learn more about choosing appropriate toys.

vitamins such as vitamin D play an very important role in helping couples to conceive. Many other vitamins also have the benefits in helping couples to conceive by either increasing sperm count, improving sperm quality or regulating the hormone level in women

Vitamins and Fertility

Studies have shown that women who have sufficient vitamins in their bodies are twice likely to get pregnant as compared to those women who do not take sufficient vitamins daily.

Some of the important vitamins and minerals to take include vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, folic acid and zinc. They are all beneficial to both husband and wife. For men, these vitamins or mineral can either increase the sperm counts or health of the sperms. For women, these vitamins and minerals help to facilitate the proper implantation of the fertilized egg and balance hormone level in women.

Read further to learn details of the benefits.

symptom of pregnancy, symptom of pregnancy include spotting,cramping,morning sickness, fatigue, loss of appetite,headache and many more

Symptoms of Pregnancy

Body condition of every woman is unique; this makes the early symptoms or signs of pregnancy for each woman different. Even for the same person, the symptoms or sign of pregnancy will be different for different births.

Symptoms of pregnancy may include spotting, cramping, morning sickness, fatigue or tiredness, a missed period, food craving, change of taste, sensitive breasts and frequent urination

Read here to learn about the symptom of pregnancy in details.

late period can be due to stress, weight gain or weight loss, travel and over exercises. A negative pregnancy test may be false due to incorrect method used or poor urine sample

Late period but negative pregnancy test

It is very irritating and stressful for many of us to see this contradicting result. Unfortunately, this indeed often happen to women regardless of whether the women are trying to conceive or not.

If you are very worried or stressed, you may consider visiting a gynaecologist. If you are pregnant, doctor may carry out some health checkup to make sure you and your baby are health; if you are not pregnant, doctor may prescribe medicine to regulate your period.

If you see spotting but it does not look like period to you, you should also visit a doctor as spotting can indicate something serious.

Learn more about this conflicting result in details here.

Diaper Singapore: How to save big on diaper in Singapore

How to Select Maid Agency in Singapore

There are about 1,000 maid agencies or employment agencies in Singapore offering different kinds of packaging and charging an agency fee range from $0 to more than $1000.

In this article, we will present tips or suggestion for parents to select a maid agency to help them to find a good maid. Things to look out include Demerit Point, Foreign Domestic Worker Retention Success Rate, Tranfer Rate and a few more.

Please Click How to Select Maid Agency in Singapore for details


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