School Tour: ACES Champion Preschool

School Tour: ACES Champion Preschool @ Eunos

Promotion:$1,800 off for school fee for the first six months.
Location:10 Lorong Sarina, Singapore 416672
Services:Infant Care and Child Care

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About ACES Champion Preschool

At Lor Sarina, ACES has been running Montessori programs for more than 10 years. Moving forward, we will introduce inquiry-based approach to the program to develop creativity among our children by leading their imagination with additional focus on character building.

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School Tour: ACES Champion Preschool

Our Fee

ServicesFee Before Government SubsidyFee For First Six Months Before Government Subsidy
Child Full Day$1500$1300
Child Half Day$1000$800
Infant Full Day$1800$1600
Infant Half Day$1300$1100

Inquiry-based Montessori with focus on character building

School Tour: ACES Champion Preschool

How does ACES teach creativity?

Creativity cannot be taught. However, we can lead our children's imagination in the direction which will encourage creativity. It is also commonly known in the creative industry that creativity without structure leads to chaos.

ACES will instill the concept of boundaries. An example is the creative wall which is mounted with an acrylic board. We encourage our children to express themselves through drawing and painting. We have made the acrylic smaller than the wall so as to teach our children not to draw/paint on the wall, learning to work within limits.

ACES also conducts storytelling lessons with character values to lead our children's imagination. Follow up on the storytelling session the next day, our children are given opportunity to narrate or re-create the story to their peers on a mini-stage; this will not only strengthen their understanding but also allow them to gain confidence in presenting on stage to an audience. They will also learn to be kind, caring, honest and respectful, etc.

School Tour: ACES Champion Preschool

How does ACES implement inquiry-based approach?

For the younger children, our teachers will guide each child to ask 3 appropriate questions weekly which will be noted down. The teachers will follow up on these questions to allow the group to learn around the topic of their interest.

For the older children, we will give them opportunities to ask questions and also encourage everyone to provide answers. Our children will note down their questions and answers. Each child can then select an answer for his question that he finds most applicable. When the children are still curious regarding the subject, teachers can collaborate with parents to encourage the children to discover more and they can share their findings with their friends.

School Tour: ACES Champion Preschool

How is character building being conducted?

We specially built the planting and sports ground. Planting will teach patience, perseverance and teamwork. Through ball games, apart from teamwork, we also want our children to be able to face defeat gracefully and with dignity, and be humble when winning. In our main class where children gather every morning, we have made a 'Grateful Tree" where our children can leave gratitude notes to express their appreciation to someone who help him.

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