Private Tour: Carpe Diem at Yio Chu Kang Road

 Private Tour: Carpe Diem @ Yio Chu Kang Road
Our Location:The Stradia, 78 Yio Chu Kang Road, #01-02 Singapore 545571
Promotion:50% Off for school fee in the first three months.
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Multiple Intelligences Programme

Come to Carpe Diem and Seize The Day with us! Carpe Diem uses the Multiple Intelligence approach and we believe every child has a unique mix of intelligences. Give your child the opportunity to explore and construct their own knowledge as our centre comprises of different learning centres to nurture the intelligence that is hidden in each child! We believe in a strong home-school partnership and we will constantly collaborate with you to enhance the learning and development of your child. Our infant care curriculum boasts fun learning too! Our experienced and dedicated teacher plans and customize a variety of activities for the infants including water play every Thursday! Join us now to unlock the potential in your child!

Carpe Diem @ Bukit Batok Private Tour

Discover Our Rich Learning Corners

Our classrooms are equipped with a variety of resources and materials. The hands-on activities carried out in the learning corners focus on sensorial and purposeful play to promote quality interactions and foster collaborative learning.

There are 8 learning corners in our classrooms.

  • Picasso-Art Corner
  • Shakespeare-Literacy Corner
  • Michelangelo-Blocks Corner
  • Darwin-Outdoors
  • Beethoven-Music Corner
  • Hercules-Gym Corner
  • Einstein Science Corner
  • Chaplin Drama Corner

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