Josiah Montessori
Josiah Montessori

Josiah Montessori

An epic childhood to remember.

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Contact: 6336 6906 (Suntec City Mall)
6260 1312(Tampines Mart)
6634 1780 (Changi)
6702 2177 (Aperia)
6221 8638 (Raffles Place)

About Josiah Montessori

Josiah is a name taken from the Bible depicting a very young but wise king of good character because of his mother’s upbringing.

We were inspired to embrace every child and see them with the potential of young Josiah – kingly, unique, precious, tender hearted, full of promise and in need of good and wise guidance to face the challenges of life.

Our logo of a mother embracing a child represents the Josiah Montessori commitment to be in partnership with parents to raise champions and extend motherly care and love.

Josiah Montessori
Josiah Montessori
Josiah Montessori

The Josiah Way

Our preschool was founded on Montessori principles, which was characterised by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical and social developmental needs.

We have since evolved our curriculum and methods in line with modern day social expectations, children’s individuality and their unique needs.

We call it the Josiah Way.

Josiah Montessori


Atmosphere of love
Discovery of self

Only in an atmosphere of openness can a child reveal his natural self to us. With love and acceptance, our children are encouraged to question, discover, find their unique voice and go on to develop confidence and maturity.

Josiah Montessori


Child-size world
Large-size independence

A cosy, calm and child-sized open environment encourages easy accessibility. Our shelves, tables, chairs, toilets and wash basins are low and easily reached, helping our children to be independent in their interaction with the classroom.

Josiah Montessori


Structured routine
Familiar space

Structure and order is a major aspect of the Josiah Way. Through a predictable routine, our children quickly learn to trust their space and interact with each other positively.

Josiah Montessori


Music & Arts
Drama & Dance

When our children sing, dance, appreciate music and perform, they develop a creative spirit, discipline, culture and a love of all things beautiful.

Josiah Montessori


Taught to love, share,
respect & empathise

A peaceful environment is made up of gracious and loving people. Our children are taught and shown qualities of caring, sharing, respect, patience and empathy for others.

Josiah Montessori


See everything
Learn anything

With the support of Montessori materials and a holistic exposure to various subjects, our children become self-directed learners. They progress from simple to complex and concrete to abstract based on their readiness.

Centre Locations

Josiah (Suntec)

Infant Care & Childcare

3 Temasek Boulevard #01-618/619/620, Suntec City Mall Singapore 038983

Josiah (Tampines)


5 Tampines Street 32, #02-01, Tampines Mart Singapore 529284

Josiah (Changi)

Infant Care & Childcare

1 Changi Business Park Crescent #01-05/05A/06, Singapore 486025

Josiah (Raffles Place)

Infant Care & Childcare

14 ROBINSON ROAD #05-01 Singapore 048545                                     

Josiah (Aperia)

Infant Care & Childcare

12 Kallang Ave, #03-37, Aperia, Singapore 339511                                                             

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