Child Health Care: Look out for food allergies

 Food allergy in children

Food allergy refers to an adverse immune response triggered by some food like peanut, egg or milk. Food allergy can sometimes cause serious illness and therefore deserve our serious attention.

Common food that may cause allergy:

1. Peanuts, Nuts

2. Eggs

3. Milk

4. Soy

5. Chocolate

6. Strawberries

7. Wheat

A food allergy is an extreme reaction and it can become very severe. If your child eats the above items or other food items for the first time, you should pay close attention to the reaction of your child. If there is any allergic reaction such as swelling in the face or neck, dizziness or trouble in breathing, you should bring your child to the doctor quickly.

Inform your child's caregiver

If your child is allergic to any of the food, you must inform anyone who cares for your child. If your child eats in the childcare or kids school, you should alert the teachers there about your child's allergic reaction to certain food. If your child bring food to the school or childcare, try not to bring food that contain peanuts, nuts, eggs or milk as some other children may be allergic to these common food allergens.

Lastly, if you or one of close relatives has allergy to one of the common food allergens, you may consider taking out this food from your child's diet as he or she will be predisposed to having the same allergy.

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