Early Childhood Education: Protect your child curiosity

 Curiosity in children

Experienced parents will notice, when their children are able to speak, they are able to recall things happened in their surroundings even some time after they happened. This no only shows a very good memory of the children, but also shows that children are very curious about the things surrounding them.

Children are very curious about their surrounding. They are interested to know everything about what they see, or things happen around them. Parents can take the opportunity to broaden their horizon and enrich their mind.

To protect their curiosity, parents should try to answer every questions that their children ask. When your children see a new things or encounter a new situation, they will probably ask adults a series of questions. This is a sign of their desire to learn and parents should recognize it. At the same time, parents should try to answer the questions in a way that can be understood by them, no matter how silly, how innocent, or how difficult the question is.

If the question is really hard to answer or it is in fact embarrassed to answer it in the public, parents can reply their children that they need some time to find out the answer and will reply them once it is found. By doing this, parents not only protect their children's curiosity, but also teach their children the proper way of handling questions from others.

Sometimes, while you are on the road, your children may discover something new or interesting, they will then stop to have a close look or examination. If possible, parents should also take a break to allow their children to do a 'research' on the new discovery and try to answer whatever questions that the children have.

It takes a village to raise a child !

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