Early Childhood Education: You decide life skill of your child

 Early childhood education

When your baby reaches 2 years old, he or she may be able to accomplish some little things in life such as eating or undressing. There are many other life skills that a child can be trained to pick up, thinking and behavior of the parents or grandparents will determine how far the child can go in learning these skills.

A very organized mother may arrange everything nicely for her child and the child will get everything she or he needs without doing it himself or herself. Sometimes, the child messes up the dinning table and floor with food, parents or grandparents then decide to feed the child instead of letting the child feed himself . For some parents, they lose patience when their children themselves very slowly using spoon, so these parents interfere and feed these children themselves. For some parents, they also help their children to change clothes before going out as they do not have the patience to wait for their children to change clothes.

Children will not learn how to be independent if their parents help them accomplish every minor things in life.

In fact, two year old children are able to do many things independently in life. They may not be skillful yet, but it is good for them to try and pick up the skills gradually. They are able to feed themselves using spoon or bowl. It is recommended that parents buy steel bowl or spoon for the children to prevent breaking. When these children mess up the dinning table, parents should not scold them, scolding will discourage them to learn how to feed themselves. At the beginning, everyone will make mistake. Parents should instead teach them the correct way of using spoon, bowl or plate.

Two year old children should be able to undress, take off socks. They are able to wear the shoes themselves. When your children tries to undress themselves for bathing, parents or grandparents should be patient in waiting. If your children are not willing to do it themselves, parents should try to encourage them to do it at their own. Children at this stage should be able to wash face themselves as well, but parents should demonstrate to them how to wash face properly. Lastly, children should also be trained to develop a habit of washing hand before meals.

It takes a village to raise a child !

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