Some rules or boundaries for your child

 Rules for children

It is suggested that you should let your kids know the following rules or boundaries. When you communicate these to them, do emphasize 'we', not just him or her.

1. We should be kind and friendly with people

2. We do not use 'hitting' or 'pushing' to solve a problem, we should use words to solve the problem.

3. If we make a mistake, we should say sorry immediately.

4. We need to say thank you when people help us.

5. We need to say hello when we meet neighbors, friends or relatives.

6. We do not scream in house or outside, screaming will not solve any problem.

7. When we have a drink or a piece of food, we should ask whether anyone else would like to have some.

8. Kids do not go out without parents or adults.

9. Kids must be in bed at bedtime.

10. We have to try new food, but if we do not like it, we should let others know and do not have to eat it.

It takes a village to raise a child !

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