School Tour: ChildFirst Pre-school

 School Tour: ChildFirst

About ChildFirst Pre-school

Twenty-five years ago, the words 'social media' and 'search engines' did not exist. Mobile phones were only used by businessmen and public pay phones were easily sighted outside shops and along sidewalks. Computers then were bulky and mainly used in offices and higher institutions.

Today, smart phones and other portable devices are part and parcel of our daily lives. The usage of these gadgets and the social media give rise to a new world of connectivity. Many of the older generation did not foresee the world as it is today and did not prepare for it.

At ChildFirst, we believe it is important for us to help your child prepare for his tomorrow. We are committed to research, understand and envision what the world will be like in the next twenty-five years to help equip your child with the skills he or she needs for the future.

School Tour: ChildFirst Pre-school
School Tour: ChildFirst Pre-school

One of the key skills is to be TRILINGUAL in English, Chinese and Coding.

  • English is a global language widely used for communication and as a medium of instruction.
  • The Chinese language is expected to gain increasing importance as China continues to rise as a world power.
  • Coding is the 21st century language to acquire as Artificial intelligence (AI) and robots are fast replacing humans in many jobs. Knowing coding will help your child to shape a human future with AI.

In addition, we need to build on the foundation of good education by recognizing and developing each child's unique talents. Our Plus Multiple Intelligences curriculum will help to unlock your child's unique talents and be ready to take on competition confidently.

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School Tour: ChildFirst Pre-school

Our Locations

ChildFirst @ King Albert Park896 Dunearn Road #04-02 Singapore 589472 (Former Sime Darby Centre)
ChildFirst @ Mountbatten229 Mountbatten Road #01-32, Mountbatten Square Singapore 398007
ChildFirst @ Tampines3 Tampines Central 1 #05-01, Abacus Plaza Singapore 529540

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