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More and more people are now looking for maid online as it is much more convenient and easier to view more maid data before engaging a maid agency. is a very popular destination for many of these users.

How we differentiate from other maid portals?

1. More than 300 requests for maid is sent to maid agencies directly through email in one month. more than 85% of these emails are sent during non-office hours (10pm to 10am). Usually the site visitor will call the maid agencies directly during office hour.

2. Your more reputable partner. Our website is much more well-known than our competitor. Ranking of our website is much better than all our competitor. You can refer to the chart below for your comparision. The chart is obtained from, a Amazon-affiliated company.

Maid portals comparision in Singapore

You can refer here for monthly site traffic to our website up to 20th Apr 2014.

Monthly Visit and pageview to

3. No additional manpower cost. If you already own a company website, we will just get the maid data from your company website at No additional cost.

4. Social Media pages. We have more than 10,000 Singaporean fans who are very likely to be maid employers or prospective maid employers.

5. Mostly Singaporean visitors.Unlike some of our competitors whose visitors are mainly Filipinos (You can check this out using, visitors to our site are mostly Singaporean.

5. New customers.Our site attracts many young Singaporean parents with very young children and many expats with young children. These two groups are people who may hire the maid for the first time to look after their little kids.

Please email us at to find out more about the package. Do remember to include your company name.


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