School Tour: MapleBear Labrador

 MapleBear Labrador Open House
Programme:Preschool for 18 months-6 years old
Location: 100H Pasir Panjang Road, OC @ Pasir Panjang, #02-01 Singapore 118524
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About MapleBear Labrador

A trusted global brand, MapleBear provides an immersive English-Mandarin bilingual experience, backed by a rigorous curriculum in more than 300 schools worldwide. Our Early Years Programme focuses on language acquisition and development, literacy, arts, mathematics, science and technology, creative activity, physical skills and well-being, personal and social awareness.

MapleBear Labrador is one of the newest members to the MapleBear Singapore family. Our spacious 10,000 sqft premises at the southern part of Singapore provides children with the freedom of space to learn, play and discover. Unique to MapleBear Labrador, the centre's close proximity to HortPark also allows us to plan regular school activities within the park setting, giving children the opportunity to learn about (and learn amongst) the world of nature.

MapleBear Labrador Open House

Our Education Ambassador

We are privileged to have the founder of Pat's Schoolhouse, Mrs Patricia Koh, as MapleBear's Singapore Education Ambassador and Chief Executive. With more than 40 years of experience in early childhood education, Mrs Koh is highly sought after for her expertise as a speaker at events and advisor at early learning centres in US, UK, Australia and the region. Mrs Koh personally oversees Curriculum Development, Teacher Selection & Training, Learning Environment Design and Parenting Guidance to ensure that each child has a strong foundation to prepare him for the future.

Our Curriculum

MapleBear Labrador's curriculum is based on the best standards of early childhood education from Canada and Singapore-two countries that are in the top tier of international educational rankings. Designed for children aged two months to six years, it offers an immersive, bilingual (English-Mandarin) experience, supported by specific lesson plans and learning outcomes. We constantly review our curriculum to ensure its continued relevance, supported by trainers, curriculum writers and quality assurance personnel from Singapore as well as the MapleBear headquarters in Canada.

Enthusiastic and Dedicated Team

Children love learning only if it is fun and engaging and that's what we do best! MapleBear Labrador is enriched with a stimulating environment, excellent child-teacher ratios and personalised care from friendly, warm and professional teachers. This ensures your little one always feels engaged, understood and supported. Our teachers constantly strive to provide varied authentic learning experiences to arouse the children's curiosity in learning and prepare them for learning in their formal school years and beyond.

MapleBear Labrador Open House

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