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 Mondrian International Schoolhouse
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Location: 17 Jalang Binchang, Singapore 578527
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About Mondrian International Schoolhouse

Standard Post with Gallery
Standard Post with Gallery
Standard Post with Gallery

Based upon years of working experience in the education industry, the founders see the critical importance of high quality preschool education and character building. It is the beginning of the children's independent experience away from home that proves vital in their life long learnings and will effect their future success. Mondrian International preschool encompasses best essenses from the rigorous American lesson curriculums to the refined oriental virtue and values.

Integrated Learning

Standard Post with Gallery
Standard Post with Gallery
Standard Post with Gallery

We deploy our proprietary curriculum by integrating "play"-based teacher-guided programme,Montessori and Reggio for children-initiated projects under developmentally appropriate learning themes. In this way, children can be engaged to learn with fun in a well-structured context first before they are encouraged to pursue their own interests to learn with more initiative and freedom. We also adopt the best practices of internationally recognized education methods in designing our programme.

International Preschool Curriculum

The world's most international curriculum for children aged 18 months to 6 years. The IPC is a research-based curriculum.The curriculum research is currently summarized in literacy reviews that correlate with the six content learning areas of the IPC.

  • Language arts
  • Socio-emotional skills
  • Numeracy
  • Creative and visual arts
  • Sciences
  • Fine and gross motor skills

The structured curriculum focuses on literacy and math concepts and skills that prepare children for school readiness; while the emergent curriculum allows children to apply this knowledge in projects that meet their interests.

  • 57 thematic units
  • Peer reviewed and based on academic research
  • Developed by doctoral team of education experts
  • Emergent literacy library of more that 100 titles referenced throughout the curriculum
  • Access to over 6,000 learning materials including flashcards, wallboards and posters
  • Assessment guides and indicators for periodic assessment
Mondrian School Tour
Mondrian School Tour

Top Chinese Enrichment Programme

Children in different age groups are introduced to listening, speaking, reading and writing the Chinese language.Teachers aim to nurture the child's interest and develop the aural-verbal ability of the child in learning Chinese, inculcate the child with the right values of Chinese culture and traditions and build a strong foundation in Chinese Language in preparation for primary education.


We use proven evaluation and assessment guides to identify the children's interests and strengths; track and measure their development progress; and compare their learning results against our benchmark expectation. In this way, parents can be well-informed about what their children have learned and the upcoming programme at our centre in a regular and timely manner.

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