Smart Montessori Preschool Open House @ Pandan Garden

 Smart Montessori Preschool
Exclusive Promotion: $300 off monthly school fee for the first 3 months
Date:16th March 2019, Saturday
Time:9.00am - 1.00pm
Location: BLK 414, PANDAN GARDENS, #01-135, SINGAPORE 600414
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About Smart Montessori

We are the premium and affordable centre whereby, we touch the young children with love. care and education so that they will become independent learners with analytical mind, ready to embark on the long journey of education with our motto, "We play, learn and grow together"

Maximize Your Kids Potential

Upon entering pre-school, usually children will bring with them a variety of personal and social skills, values, and attitudes. No matter how little these are, it is important that they foster these values and from the relationships and experiences within the home and immediate environment, we will help them to cultivate their learning environment.

Our Curriculum

Smart Montessori Preschool Open House

Smart Montessori Open House

Gym Kids

Gym kids which promote self- confidence and allow opportunities for our little ones to rationalize and problem solve while working together on a task which is conducted every Friday.

Smart Montessori Open House

Speech and Drama for Preschoolers

Children will have an early start to master important life skills, presentation techniques and enhance social interactions which is conducted every Monday.

Smart Montessori Open House

Montessori Enhanced Program

Montessori focuses on individual learning and as well as in a group teaching. More concrete materials are used for abstract learning.

Smart Montessori Open House

Our exciting activities

We have regular water-based activities for children proximal learning.

Smart Montessori Open House

Farm Tour Experience

Children got to understand the conditions needed for vegetables to grow healthy

The guided farm tour showcases the latest technologies in the agricultural industry; children will get to explore the showcase greenhouse and etc.

Our community collaboration

Smart Montessori Open House

Public Hygiene Council

Keeping Singapore clean is a challenging task and we can only succeed when we take ownership of cleanliness and lead by instance to encourage good cleanliness practices within in their school compound. Students, guided by teachers, will propose ways to take ownership of cleanliness in the school compound.

Smart Montessori Open House

Primary School Orientation Program

We had a recent orientation program for our Kindergarten children to facilitate for a smooth transition into Primary school.

Smart Montessori Open House

Molly Library Visit to School

We collaborate with National library board through Molly library. We encourage and foster early reading for developing book and print awareness.

Smart Montessori Open House

Gardening activities for children

Children are naturally curious about the world they live in and it is necessary to nurture and sustain this disposition.

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