Hi-5 House of Learning Open House

 Hi-5 House of Learning, Open House
Date: 8th September, Saturday
Time: 10am to 12pm
Location: #01-03 Keppel Towers, 089315, 10 Hoe Chiang Rd, Singapore 089311
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  • 90% off the registration fee
  • 10% off the first six months fee
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Open House Invitation

Experience our Holistic award-winning curriculum, speak with our nurturing team of educators and check out our vast outdoor spaces!

Join us on our Open Day at Hi-5 House of Learning International Pre-school! Explore the fun, exciting approach of Hi-5 and enjoy the attractive promotions we have for our 20th anniversary!

Save up to $SG1500!

Our experienced, friendly teachers will be here to show you around the school, familiarize you with our curriculum and answer your questions.

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About Hi-5 House of Learning

Hi-5 House of Learning offers you and your child an exceptional early years experience. We offer a thematic, learner focused programme that builds on a young child's natural curiosity and desire to explore. At House of Learning, children learn through play to develop their resilience and full potential as critically astute and creative individuals, capable of making positive, educated choices.

Your child's development begins by joining us from 18 months old and then progresses through our preschool community. Your child completes their preschool education with all the essential skills and knowledge to succeed in primary school.

Our unique Hi-5 House of Learning Inquiry and play based curriculum encompasses the best of the British and International Curriculums, combined with enriched music and language provision. Daily immersive, bilingual mandarin lessons are enjoyed by all ages and are personalised to your child's level. Experienced, qualified teachers guide the children on their learning journey through real life topics which build on prior learning, balancing a variety of progressive methods such as whole class learning, focused group work, supported individual play and independent exploration. Topics are launched with Hi-5 cast videos and enriched with a wide range of Hi-5 resources such as songs, dances and exclusive learning materials.

Facilities include interactive whiteboards, fully fitted gym/soft play, indoor playground, well stocked library, music room and cosy classrooms.

Hi-5 Learning Open House

The Hi-5 of learning success

Learning through play

  • Encourage children to be curious, active learners.
  • EEvolve perseverance, confidence, resilience and concentration.
  • EBegin with the child and build their knowledge, creativity and skills through carefully designed topics.

Enriching environment

  • Support and extend a child's growth in all areas of development-cognitive, social, emotional, technological, creative and physical.
  • Provide a safe and enriched physical environment, where children are encouraged to learn and develop at their own pace.
  • Ensure opportunities for children to connect ideas and understanding.
Hi-5 Learning Open House
Hi-5 Learning Open House

Music and Movement

  • Embrace the social, cultural, emotional and development benefits of music.
  • Utilise the brain stimulation benefits of music to enhance language and mathematical learning .
  • Maximise enjoyment and love of learning through connecting with the Hi-5 cast/teachers and songs.

Life Skills

  • Provide a range of opportunities to manage sensory input, balance and behaviour choices.
  • Raise awareness and understanding of emotions.
  • Develop executive brain function to enable successful task completion and problem solving skills.


  • Nurture and develop confident, thinking, knowledgeable and responsible children.
  • Form meaningful connections with children and their families to facilitate learning.
  • Apply understanding of multiple intelligences.

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5 HOL Learner attributes

1. Happy

Children who are confident, resilient and outgoing, able to understand their own needs and communicate them effectively.

2. Healthy

Children who are physically well developed, both in gross and fine motor skills, with a sound understanding of a healthy lifestyle.

3. Honest

Children who are able to make the right decisions, be self reflective, and interact appropriately in a range of social situations.

4. Helpful

Children who are good friends and supportive global citizens, with consideration for our world.

5. Holistic

Children who are well balanced, active learners, in all areas of development including cognitive and executive brain function.

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