Babies At 11 Months Old: Growth Indicators

 This article explains the growth of eleven-month-old babies in their speech and language development, movements or motor skills and emotional and social development.

Speech and Language Development: Under your guidance, your baby may be able to call you "mum" or "dad". At 11 months, he can imitate an adult's tone and voice. Your baby can also understand some simple words and may say a few words. If you ask him questions such as where the toy is, he may be able to answer it by pointing out its location. At 11 months of age, your baby will also like to mumble words that he is able to pronounce repeatedly.

Movements or motor skills: An 11-month-old baby is able to push a stroller or baby walker while standing up. If you hold one of his hands, he may be able to walk forward.

Toys with moving parts will attract your baby's attention. If you spin an object in front of him, he will be very interested in the spinning object. He may look at it attentively, touch it to feel or slow it down, and then pick it up for a close examination.

Toys with small holes will also attract the baby's attention as he can put his little finger into the hole to "explore".

At 11 months, the parents should buy their baby a spoon. For babies, the spoon can be used as a drumstick and it also allows them to learn how to feed themselves.

At this stage, if you write in front of your baby, your baby may grab your pen and start to scribble on the paper himself.

Emotional and social development: Your baby may be able to perform some tasks at your request. He can use his facial expressions, simple languages and body movements to communicate with others.

His mood is strongly influenced by people close to him, especially his mother. Your baby may show his temper if you control him too much or when he faces a difficulty. He may cry to vent his frustration and dissatisfaction. If you cuddle other babies in front of him, he may also be unhappy about it, want you to cuddle him and pushes away the other babies.

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