Babies At 12 Months Old: Growth Indicators

 This article explains the growth of twelve-month-old babies in their speech and language development, movements or motor skills and emotional and social development.

Speech and Language Development: Your baby may start to respond to your words. When you say "No" and "Cannot", your baby will react to your request by stopping what he is doing. He may use a simple gesture, such as shaking his head or body to convey "no" to some of your orders or suggestions. Your baby will also start using exclamations such as "Oh - oh". At 12 months, he can imitate and say a few simple words. He usually uses a word to express his feelings. For instance, he may use "eat" to indicate that he is hungry or "go" to indicate that he wants to go out to play. If you provide your child with proper training, he may be able to say at least 5 simple words.

Movements or motor skills: The biggest joy of parenthood at this month is that your baby may be able to walk for a few steps without your help. Gradually, he is able to squat down from a standing position to pick up objects. Walking around furniture in the house is no longer a challenge for your baby. Now, he may want to climb onto the low-height furniture.

Your twelve-months-old baby likes to stack or arrange things in an order and mess them up afterward. For example, you may build a house using building blocks and your baby will enjoy tearing the "house" down. He will also like to empty the things in the drawer, toy box or trash bin.
Your baby will start to develop a sense of independence. He may start to feed himself and want to dress himself. Of course, he will not be able to do it at the moment without the help of his parents.

Emotional, cognitive and social development: The baby's self-awareness has increased. He has begun to try to feed himself or hold his own cup to drink. If you have given your baby proper training, he should be able to wave his hands to say goodbye.
At this stage, he will gradually know that all things have names and different functions. In addition, he vaguely knows the location of different items in the house. When an object is not in its original position, he will look around for it. When you are playing a children music video, your baby may imitate the dancing of the children in the song.

Your baby will be more obedient and is able complete simple tasks given by adults. He will also avoid doing things that adults prohibit or do not like.

The twelve-months-old baby will become more attached to his family members, relatives and especially his mother.

It takes a village to raise a child !

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