Babies At 9 Months Old: Growth Indicators

 This article explains the growth of nine-month-old babies in their speech and language development, movements or motor skills and emotional and social development.

Speech and Language Development: Your baby may understand more words and simple phrases, which makes the interaction between you and him more meaningful and important. Although the number of words he can say is very limited, the number of words and simple phrases that he can understand may be far greater than what you estimate. At this time, you should talk to your baby more often as this can help him to understand and recognize more words.

When you say "no" to stop your baby from touching or doing certain things, he may be able to comprehend the order and stop what he is doing. Whenever you call his name, he may also stop his activity and look at you.

Movements or motor skills: Your nine-month-old baby's hand movements have become increasingly dedicate and sophisticated. He is able to pick up small objects using his thumb and forefinger. At nine months, your baby will like to use his index finger to dig or point at things. It is not a weird action, but a way that your baby explores the surrounding. Hence, the parents do not need to stop him from doing that. His leg muscles have strengthened further. With some help from you, he may be able to stand up for a while. In addition, he can stand up slowly from a sitting position by holding onto a bed railing.

Emotional and social development: Your nine-month-old baby will experience separation anxiety. This is mainly because he is now able to differentiate acquaintances from strangers, and a familiar environment from an unfamiliar environment. A separation anxiety also proves that you have a good relationship with your baby. Therefore, parents do not need to worry too much. Because of this separation anxiety, your baby will be very attached to you. To add to that, as he does not have the concept of time, so even if you walk away for a while, he will become very nervous. Such situations will improve gradually and is normal.

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