Best Baby Milk Powder:Buying Guide

 Best baby milk powder: select best baby milk powder by evaluating main composition such as cow's milk, goat's milk or soy milk, cost of milk per 100, nutrition added to the baby milk powder as well as based on baby's condition such as milk allergy or milk intolerance.

Breast milk is the best

Breast milk is the best nutrition for newborn and infant. In fact, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding (which mean even water is not necessary) for babies in the their first 6 months after births.


Best baby milk powder- main composition

Three are three major types of baby milk powder based on their main composition – cow’s milk, goat’s milk and soy milk.

Other than price difference, the types of protein present in the milk are very different.

Baby milk powder using cow’s milk is the most common in the market. Many mummies or daddies usually let their babies try baby milk powder using cow’s milk first.

Compared to cow’s milk, goat’s milk is believed to be more easily digestible and less allergenic. Protein in goat milk forms a softer curd which make it easy for baby or children to digest.

Furthermore, goat’s milk contains less casein, a protein which may cause allergy reaction.

Lastly, as compared to cow’s milk, amount of lactose in goat’s milk is less which is good for baby who may show lactose-intolerance.

Soy milk is suitable for baby who may show milk allergy or milk intolerance and it is also free lactose.


Select baby milk power - age

At different stages, baby or child will have different needs in nutrition for their physical and mental development. Manufacturers, on their parts, also separate their baby milk powder into different stages. Hence, you should select baby milk powder that is suitable for your child’s age.

In general, stage 2 formula milk is suitable for baby who are between 6 months old and 12 months old. Stage 1 baby milk powder is for newborn.


Select baby milk power - cost per 100g

If price is the major concern for you, you can consider examining our table below which shows the cost per 100g of baby milk powder.

Table 1: Stage 2 Formula Milk: The price is computed based on the latest USUAL PRICE of the formula milk found on supermarket on 9th March 2017. Not all products are included.

Similac Stage 2

Friso Gold 2

Nan Gro 2

S26 Stage 2

Dumex Stage 2

Enfamil Stage 2










able 2: Stage 3 Formula Milk: The price is computed based on the latest USUAL PRICE of the formula milk found on supermarket on 9th March 2017. Not all products are included.

Gain IQ Stage 3

Friso Gold 3

Nan Gro 3

S26 Stage 3

Dumex Stage 3

Enfagrow Stage 3








Best baby milk powder - brands

While in other countries, this may be an important factor in selecting baby milk powder. This is not the case in Singapore.

Brands of baby milk powder sold in Singapore are all very established. Some brands have more than 100 years of history.

As a result, it is suggested that parent should look at other factor when selecting baby milk powder in Singapore.


Best baby milk powder – nutrition added

The baby milk powder is mainly cow’s milk, goat’s milk or soy milk, but the manufacturer may enrich it with other nutrition like choline, iron, AA or DHA. It is important for you to know their respective function in order to make a wise choice.

You can refer to below for details



Select baby milk powder  - allergy 

If your baby shows milk allergy or milk intolerance, it will narrow your choice of formula milk.

Some babies show allergy for cow’s milk. When developed, a baby’s immune system will react negatively to the protein in the cow’s milk. The immune system will treat cow’s milk protein as foreigner invaders and will make its effort to fend off the invaders, this may cause baby to vomit. In worst case, the baby may show anaphylaxis which is life-threatening.

Symptoms of milk allergies in babies also include:

  • Frequent spitting up
  • Signs of abdominal pain
  • Excessive crying and irritability
  • Diarrhea
  • Blood in stool
  • Lack of weight gain
  • A scaly skin rash
  • Coughing or wheezing


When your baby develops milk allergy, your pediatrician will recommend milk that is hypoallergic in which the protein has been partially broken down or switch to goat milk or soya milk.


Select baby milk powder - milk intolerance

Milk intolerance occurs when a formula-fed or breastfed baby can’t digest the sugar in milk (called lactose). That’s why milk intolerance is also called lactose intolerance. Undigested lactose causes uncomfortable symptoms like diarrhea and bloating

Symptoms of milk intolerance in babies also include


Spitting up

Infant eczema

Irritability, crying, or other colic symptoms

If your baby show milk intolerance, you may choose those formula milk that is lactose free.



Select baby milk powder - switch brands

Buying Formula Milk - Switching Brand

It is okay to switch brand at any time. However if your baby has milk allergy or milk intolerance, you must check with pediatrician before you switch brand.

To make the transition smooth and easy for your baby, you may want to mix the formula milk of the current brand with the new brand in the following ratio for the first two week.

  Current Brand:New Brand
First Week 2 parts: 1 part
Second Week 1 part : 2 parts


After two weeks, your baby should be ready for the formula milk of the new brand.

Before you switch brand, try to get a free sample. Many manufacturers are generous when giving out free sample that worth more than 50 dollars. Most manufacturer are happy to give you 400g or 900g free sample which you can use for evaluation.


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