Breastfeed: How to tell whether my baby is getting enough breast milk?

Below are some methods that may help you to tell whether your baby is getting enough breast milk. If the baby suffers a weight loss or always looks lethargic, it is suggested that parents should seek pediatrician for help.

1.Observe the number of times of urination of your baby every day. If your baby urinates 7 to 10 times a day, this can indicate that your baby has taken sufficient intake of breast milk.

2.Monitor your baby's weight. In the first week after birth, it is normal to see a breastfed baby to lose weight by about 10%. By the second week, your baby's weight should recover. Afterwards, a weekly increase of about 120 grams should be seen. For an infant below six months old, his or her weight should increase by more than 600 grams per month if he or she has taken sufficient breast milk.

3.Your baby look satisfied after feeding and come off the nipple on his or her own naturally.

4.If your baby has latched properly and you have sufficient supply, you may hear baby's swallowing sound and may see milk in baby's mouth while you breastfeed.

5.The number of breast feeding section should be about 8 to 12 times daily. Number of breastfeeding sections may increase at about week 2, week 6, third month after birth due to growth spurt which your baby may feel hungry more often.

6.After breastfeeding, your nipples should not feel pain.

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