How to Hire a Transfer Maid in Singapore Directly?

 How to hire a transfer maid in Singapore

1. Why Employ a Transfer Maid Directly

2. How to hire a transfer maid directly?

3. Find Available Transfer Maid

4. Check Maid Track Record

5. Interview the Transfer Maid

6. Obtain consent from current employer

7. Medical examination of Transfer Maid

8. Document From Maid

9. Buy Insurance and Apply Work Permit

Latest Update on 6 February 2013: Indonesia may disallow employers from hiring Indonesian maids directly. Reason given for this change is Indonesian Government finds it hard to contact next-of-kin of maid in times of crisis if the maid is hired by employer directly, not through employment agent.

The steps below here refer to how to employ a transfer maid. If you like to employ a maid through agency, please refer here about Hiring Maid in Singapore - the procedure or step involved.

Why Employ a Transfer Maid Directly

1. You can avoid paying the maid agency fee if you employ a transfer maid directly. The agency fee is a big sum which can range from $600 to $2000.

2. The transfer maid has worked in Singapore for some times, she will be able to communicate better with you than a new maid.

3. The maid you have employed through transfer had get used to the lifestyle here and has a better understanding of the expectation of the employers in area such as hygiene and personal conduct. She may have overcome her home-sickness and culture shock and will therefore be more focused in her work. You also can save time on training her to fit into your living conditions and environment.

4. You can interview the maid in person. This is much better than employing a maid though agency where you can at most interview her through web camera. You can also talk to her current employer and check her employment record at the Ministry of Manpower Singapore (MOM) website to have a better assessment of her.

5. Maid's current employer may be able to save air ticket as the he or she does not need to buy the ticket to send the maid back home if the transfer is successful.

6. For maid, she will also be able to save agent fee which sometimes ranges to about 2 to 3 months of her salary.

How to hire a transfer maid directly?

Employ Transfer Maid Step 1: Find Available Transfer Maid

Find a maid that is available for transfer. You can talk to your friends, relatives, neighbors or colleagues who may not need the maid service for a good reason. Alternatively, you can do a search online to find employer who has a maid available for transfer. You can post it on our forum also to find a transfer maid. Current employers are willing to transfer their maids if maids' services are not longer needed. Transferring their maids can help current employer to save money on buying maid return air ticket.

Employ Transfer Maid Step 2: Check Track Record

Check Maid's employment History at MOM website at or talk to maid's current employer to get to know about track record of the maid. This can give you some ideas about how good the maid you are dealing with.

Employ Transfer Maid Step 3: Interview the Transfer Maid

Interview the available maid for transfer to know her better. Confirm with her when she can come over to work for you and both of you should agree on the salary and off day as well as the compensation if you need the maid to work on the off-day.

Employ Transfer Maid Step 4: Obtain consent from current employer

Obtain the consent from the maid's current employer. You need to get the current employer to fill in a form which can be found on the MOM website:

Employ Transfer Maid Step 5: Medical examination Matter

Ensure that current employer has sent the FDW for the 6 monthly medical examination if required.

Employ Transfer Maid Step 6: Document From Maid

Obtain a copy of maid's passport and her previous work permit number. You may also need to get her spouse's detail if she is married. This is necessary for you to submit work permit application and buy insurance for her.

Employ Transfer Maid Step 7: Buy Insurance and Apply Work Permit

Buy the necessary insurance which include personal accidental insurance and security bond. Submit A work permit application for the foreign domestic worker at this site:

You should only allow the maid to start to work for you after the new work permit has been issued.

Take note: The above step to step guides are based on personal experience, you can always call the Ministry of Manpower Singapore at 6438 5122 if you have doubt about the steps involved.

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