How to Stop Your Breast From Producing Milk Naturally

 how to stop breast from producing milk naturally

Most doctors in Singapore will not prescribe medicine to stop breast from producing milk. Some claim that the available medicine may have some undesirable side effects. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, however, will be able to give you some traditional Chinese medicine to help you to stop the milk production.

If you want to stop the milk naturally, you may consider the following:

1. Each time, just pump or express sufficient milk to prevent pain or from feeling swollen. When there is some milk in the breast, your body will react naturally by slowing down the milk synthesis. Gradually, you should reduce the number of times of pumping and duration of each pumping session.

2. You may like to take the following food which can also help to reduce milk supply gradually: malt, oatmeal and wheat tea.

3. To reduce the pain, swelling or engorgement, you can apply cold compresses, gel packs or cold cabbage leaves to your breasts. Do remember to replace the cold cabbage leaves regularly.

4. Do not feed your child just to alleviate the pain or swelling. By allowing your child to feed, the body will react to produce even more breast milk and all your effort could have just been wasted.

5. Do not bind your breast. This old-folks practice may in fact increase your pain and does not help to stop the milk production.

6. Check breast frequently for any blocked ducts, breast abscess or serious swelling. Consult your doctor if the breast abscess is developed or the swelling has become very serious.

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