Interview a maid: Sample Questions

 Interview questions sample for interviewing a maid in Singapore

Interviewing a maid is probably the most important step in selecting a good maid. Through the interview, you may be able to tell whether the maid can communicate with you using English, whether she has the right set of skills to work for you and whether she is motivated to work as a domestic helper. You can also find out some other information that will be crucial for you to make a decision.

Below are some sample questions. After each questions, we also try to provide the rational for the question.

Motivation Related Questions - Interview a Maid

  • Why you want to work in Singapore? (Motivation related question)
  • Why you want to transfer? (For transfer maid)
  • Why you want to work as a domestic helper? (Motivation related)
  • Do you need to remit money back home monthly? (If yes, it could mean she needs money and may therefore be more motivated and focused to work)
  • Do you need to support your family financially? (same as point 4)

Skills and Experience - Interview a Maid

  • What can you cook? Can you tell us how to prepare item 1? (for the items she mentions, pick one item and ask her to illustrate how to prepare that item)
  • What could you do if you think my child need to be scolded and punished?

(a) For Experienced Maid

  • What do you do in your previous employer's house? (To know her experience in details)
  • How many people are there in your previous employer's house and who are they? (to check whether she has the skill to take care of baby or elderly)
  • What will you do if my child crys non-stop and I am not around? (You can give her a few situations like this to answer. It can show whether she is really experienced in handling baby.)
  • How to make baby sleep at night? (Same as point 3)

(b)For New Maid

  • Do you need to do housework at home? (If she has never do any housework before, I do not think she is qualified to work as a domestic helper)
  • Do you have children at home? (Whether she has taken care of children before)
  • Do you like kid and are you willing to learn how to take care of kid? (This question is for single maid who probably may have zero experience in taking care of kid)

Her Job and Duty (Your House Conditions) - Interview a Maid

(It is good to let maid know what she can be expected. If she shows some unpleasant mood when you mention certain duty or job, better avoid that maid)

  • I have one baby who is 4 months old and she will wake up once at midnight and you will need to feed her.
  • Currently I have 5 people in the house and four months later, we are going to have one more kid. Will the duty be too heavy for you?
  • I need you to wake up at six in the morning to prepare breakfast for my kid? Is 6am too early for you?

Concerns that maid may need to go back home before the expiration of contract

  • Do you have sibling? Where are they? (Sometimes, if their parents fall sick and she is the only child, she may need to return home to take care of parents)
  • Do you have boy friend, when do you plan to get married? (if within 2 years, then the maid may need to go back for marriage)
  • What are you most concerned/worried about back home ?

Employee-Employer Relationship - Interview a Maid

Many maids run away because of poor communication with employer. It is good to have a maid that can tell you that she needs help or face problem. As a employer, you should try to help out whenever possible, this can avoid the lose-lose situation where the maid runs away and hide at some charities.

  • What would you do if you are not happy with us?
  • What do you expect from us?
  • What would you do if you think you have too many things to handle?
  • What is your definition of a good employer?
  • Will you share with us any unhappiness or difficulty that you face?

Use of Hand phone - Interview a Maid

Usage of hand phone creates many conflicts in many maid-employer relationship and you better have an agreement with the maid on this before signing the deal)

  • We understand you need to use the hand phone to communicate with family members, friends or others. When do you think is an appropriate time for you to use it? When do you think it is inappropriate for you to use?

Other General Questions - Interview a Maid

  • Can you describe your daily work activity like what time you wake up and what you do?
  • What do you think a good domestic helper should possess?
  • What is your strength as a good domestic helper?
  • For transfer maid, you may ask why she wants to leaves her current employer?

Miscellaneous Questions - Interview a Maid

  • Do you practice any religion? (You need to know this so that you will know whether your maid needs to abstain from certain foods)
  • Do you have any medical conditions? Do you take any medications?"(You will be responsible for all medical expense of your maid)

Hope the above information can help you to find a good maid.

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