Recommended Practice of Pacifier

 recommended practice of pacifier for baby

Recommended Practice of Pacifier 1

If you are breasfeeding, you should wait for one month before the introduction of the pacifier to your child. This allows the breastfeeding habit of the child to be established so that you will not experience any breastfeeding problem after your child starts to use pacifier.

Recommended Practice of Pacifier 2

You should keep the pacifier clean. Before you pass the pacifier to your baby, you should clean it according to the instruction manual. You should never dip the pacifier with sweet or anything sweet. This can help to minimize the impact of the pacifier on your baby's teeth. When the pacifier is dropped or becomes dirty, you should clean with water before it is used again.

Recommended Practice of Pacifier 3

You should also regularly check the pacifier for any sign of crack or tear. Replace them immediately if it is worn or torn.

Recommended Practice of Pacifier 4

It is suggested that you should start to phase out the use of pacifier after one year of age. This can help to prevent the negative impact of the pacifier on your child's teeth and ear as ear infection are is common for children over 6 months old.

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