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Just Kids Open House

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Date: 1 June 2019
Time: 9am - 1pm
Locations: 12 Centres Island-wide

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Our Curriculum

In Just Kids, children learn through a combination of thematic and inquiry-project approach. There are provision of activities that are teacher-initiated and child-initiated.

Our themes allow children to learn about themselves, family, community and the world they live in. This is based on Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory beliefs that everything in the children and the children’s environment affects how the children grow and develop.

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Our programme focuses on storytelling, pretend play, songs, art and music. We strongly believe in the provision of sensorial activities for our young children to stimulate their senses, helping them to develop cognitively, linguistically, socially, emotionally, physically and creatively.

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Nursery children will undergo 3 weeks of project in each term. Through a project-based approach, children learn to pose questions and investigate the answers, making them feel in charge of their own learning. Our project-based approach harnesses this spirit of investigation, creating both an interesting and engaging programme.

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The Kindergarten programme builds upon children's prior knowledge and skills to help them make better sense of the world. Through a combination of child and teacher-initiated activities, children obtain knowledge through discovery. Our programme is designed to ensure our children enter primary school capable, confident and eager to take on new challenges.

Clean, spacious and modern facilities to create a productive environment for children.

Just Kids Open House

Learning Corners

Learning corners are designed by our teachers to offer a variety of materials and media through which our children can work by themselves or with others to enhance the learning of concepts, skills, themes or topics.

Just Kids Open House

Spacious Classroom

Children learn best in a classroom environment where they can participate freely and ask questions. Most of our centres are equipped with classrooms which are safe and boosts ample space for our children to learn and grow in.

Just Kids Open House

Play Areas

Our play areas are equipped with playground facilities to encourage children to be active and exercise. Being active aids a child in their gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and overall health and wellbeing

Just Kids Open House


Our centres have dedicated centre attendants to ensure that our children learn in a clean and healthy environment. Centres are disinfected on a regular basis to minimize the spread of viral infections such as HFMD.

Thousands of happy and satisfied parents

  • Customer Testimonails

    Congratulations on the great job putting up the Graduation concert yesterday! The dance items especially the cheerleading and the egypt dances really high standard!! My nephew was in the egypt item and we love the surprise of them coming from the side. I could never be more proud of him. Thank you for 3.5 happy preschool years and the teachers took really good care of him, I see him from a shy and quiet boy become a confident boy. All thanks to the school for the wonderful experiences and he often come home to share with me and his grandma what they did in school. I will definitely recommend Justkids to my friends!

    - Kylie Kane

    Customer Testimonails

  • Customer Testimonails

    The team at Jurong Justkids is fantastic! Not only are the children well taken care of in a conducive environment to bond and grow, they get opportunities to learn through various initiatives. These range from monthly nursing home visits to ad-hoc activities like flash mob performances in suppory of world water day which are great for gaining exposure and invaluable experiences. Pin Zhe raves about the hands-on science experiments among others.

    Special thanks to Ms Jeslin and Teacher Victoria for rallying the parents in events like mother's day celebrations and the K2 farewell party. We appreciate the hard work behind the scenes and would like to assure you that they really pay off as it makes us feel very much part of the Justkids @ Jurong family

    Very thankful to have made friends among fellow parents with kids at the centre through these~ Not forgetting 钟老师 who is ever so patient and supportive as well as teacher shida, teacher halos and the entire team!! With you, the journey has been wonderfullly filled with precious memories =)

    P.s.: Pinzhe says "I love you teachers!!" - everyone is a teacher to him, including the assistant teachers who help with bathing and food preparations. He loves egg sandwich at the centre ^_^

    -Tan Kai Ling

Centre Locations

Ang Mo Kio

4190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 Singapore 569841

Bukit Batok

Blk 159 Bukit Batok Street 11 Singapore 650159

Bukit Panjang

Blk 435 Bukit Panjang Ring Road Singapore 670435

Choa Chu Kang

Blk 253 Choa Chu Kang Ave 1 Singapore 680253

Jurong East

Blk 255 Jurong East Street 24 Singapore 600255

Jurong West

Blk 667C Jurong West Street 65 Singapore 643667

Marine Parade

Blk 50 Marine Terrace, Singapore 440050

Taman Jurong

Blk 399 Yung Sheng Road Singapore 610399


Blk 305 Tampines Street 32 Singapore 520305

St George's

84 St Francis Road Singapore 328069


Blk 769 Woodlands Drive Singapore 730769


Blk 290 Yishun Street 22 Singapore 760290

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