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School Tour: Little Sage Preschool @ Macpherson | Potong Pasir | Bidadari

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Location:22 Lichi Avenue, Singapore 348796

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About Little Sage Preschool

Little Sage International Preschool or 德智(有品德,有智慧)国际幼儿园 equips our young children with the solid foundation to become future leaders and cream of the crop in whatever careers they choose to pursue anywhere in the world. As a result, they will always be ahead in school and life.

We achieve this by emphasizing the following:

  • Genuine holistic education
  • Positive attitude towards learning and academic excellence to be more than Primary 1 ready
  • True bilingual immersion
  • Global immersion to realize there is a much bigger world outside of Singapore
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Moral values and kind character

Little Sage incorporates some of the best attributes from around the world, including that of Harvard University pedagogy. The unrivaled holistic curriculum also includes complimentary music and sports enrichment programs. We can customize our lesson plan to the progress of each child due to our low teacher to student ratio. The foundation our students build will be one-of-a-kind that no other preschool in Singapore can offer.

Our Curriculum

Standard Post with Gallery
Standard Post with Gallery

Our Curriculum Team

Our unrivaled holistic curriculum with rigorous academics is developed by curriculum directors who are seasoned educators with global teaching experience, coupled with senior leadership experience at global corporations and graduated from 3 of the top 4 universities that produce the wealthiest graduates in the world (Harvard, University of Pennsylvania and Columbia). Our Curriculum Adviser was also a former Singapore scholar. Together, we bring the best of the best the world has to offer and a transformational experience to your young children. Your child will not only be more than ready for P1, but also to get ahead in life anywhere in the world.

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1. Thematic Learning using Harvard University pedagogy

  • Our classes simulate many aspects of how Harvard University conducts its classes
  • Substantial class participation and interaction
  • Improvisation and public speaking

2. Global Immersion

  • Exploring highlights of the world without leaving Singapore to make learning enjoyable and adventurous
  • Children naturally recognize the world is a big place with plenty of opportunities

3. Language Immersion

  • Create a conducive environment to learn Chinese with stories, fun games and activities

4. Emphasis on developing emotional intelligence (EQ) via SAGE

  • Strategize – have a plan before taking action
  • Adapt – adapt to dynamic surroundings
  • Grit – perseverance and passion for achievement
  • Eager – eager to learn and improve

Our specially designed in-house fitness and music programs

Sage Sports incorporates various facets of training used by professional athletes, senior managers and elite preschools in the United States, United Kingdom and Greater China. As we have profound knowledge of how people evolve to be true champions of various fields, we use Sage Sports, a structured program that simplifies sports including tennis, basketball, soccer and other fun activities, to develop young children's physical and mental fortitude necessary to becoming a champion.

Sage Rhythm teaches young children the foundation of music starting with beats and rhythm. With an understanding of rhythm, we teach children how it can be incorporated into music, dance, sports and daily life. The program brings together children and music from around the world for our students to cherish cultural diversity.

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What happy parents think about us

  • Customer Testimonails

    I feel so blessed that I found and chose Little Sage Preschool. (Was struggling whether to switch school for my child at K2). After spoken to Miss Eunice and she had given me very professional advice and assured me that it's still not too late, better to switch now than my child gets stress in Primary one.

    On top of that, Miss Eunice projected her professionalism, her compassionate on kids and I felt her sincere and honest connection. This was one of the reason I chose to give Little Sage Preschool a chance.

    When my child joined for K2, my child was pretty bad in phonics which I was so worried about as I could see my child wasn't well prepared for Primary one by her ex preschool.

    After joining Little Sage Preschool, Miss Eunice shown her professional teaching. My child's phonics improved a lot, became more outgoing and independent. All praises to Miss Eunice and she did prompt updates to me on my child's progress.

    I just couldn't think of a word to express my thankfulness to Miss Eunice and Little Sage Preschool. All I could say, Little Sage Preschool is the best school for children to grow in educational and physically. Million thumb up to this school and Miss Eunice, you have been doing your best and you had done a GREAT job in your professionalism. You are the best teacher and principal in the school. In fact you had exceed your duties, you took every child as your own and this is the most creditable point I would like to bring up to you.

    My child always say, "I love Miss Eunice, because she is patient to teach me and also when I don't understand she will teach and explain to me and I know how to do already, I love Miss Eunice."

    Keep it up, Little Sage Preschool and Miss Eunice, I will not hesitate to recommend this school to all my friends and neighbours.

    - Shalom
  • Customer Testimonails

    My girl, Kiara started the school when she is 18 months old and it has been past 1 year of wonderful journey with the school. The Teachers, Ms. Eunice, Ms. Nurul and I laoshi has been providing their professionalism, caring and loving attitude. Since she started the school she can express herself very well. Her communication skills improve alot especially her chinese languange. The school area is spacious and very very clean. I love the outdoor area, and since then my girl knows how to skatescooter as well as paddling bicycle! In addition, I love a small little corner house for the reading area and to my surprise my girl loves to read story book and she can tell us a story as well. Other than that is the dancing lesson, sing along sessions that my girl always performs at our home. She really enjoys the school sooo much and I would love to thank you all the teachers that providing her with good attitude and a good learning place and a happy environment to grow up with.. I am really grateful that I choose Little Sage as her learning steps in her life.

    -Linda Susilo

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