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Dinning Training: Do not scold your child for messing dinner table


In some families, parents will start scolding or nagging when their children spray the rice, meat or vegetable on dinner table or floor. This is really not a good practice for the development of the children. Worse still, some parents will take back the spoon or bowl from their children and start to feed their children instead.

In general, when children reach 18 months old, they are able to feed themselves with spoon and they can start to learn how to use chopstick at the age of 24 months. However, at this age, their nervous system is not fully developed and coordination between eye and hand is not perfect, this may prevent him from putting the spoon into the mouth perfectly. In some cases, their hands may tremble. This will then mess up the dinner table and even the floor. When this happens, parents should be patient and encourage their children to try again. When the parents criticize the children for messing up the dinner table, it will discourage the children from learning eating themselves. When the parents feed the children instead, the children may think that they cannot do it, this will cause them to lose confidence in learning eating. Hence, parent should encourage the children to feed themselves even spraying of rice or meat happens. This will help them to master feeding himself much faster.

Learning dinning will take time, and your children will spray meat, vegetable or rice all around your house. Parent should avoid scolding or unnecessary nagging. Unnecessary scolding will discourage them from learning feeding themselves. When your children make a progress, parent should also praise them for the good work done.

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