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Baby Milk Powder Free Sample For Abbott, Meadjohnson, Friso, Dumex,Nestle,Wyeth,Aptamil


Why you need free sample? (Link to get free sample for all brands can be found below)

All babies are different, that is why they will show different reaction to the same baby milk at different times. Your baby may show allergic reaction or become fuzzy to one brand of formula milk, but may be comfortable with another brand as composition of formula milk varies from brand to brand.

Free sample will enable you to tell whether your baby is comfortable with your choice of baby milk powder.

Of course, you may want try out different just to see whether there is any opportunity to save money as difference in price of one can of formula milk can exceed ten dollars for different brands.


Stage one (infant formula) formula milk will never be free

To encourage breastfeeding, all manufacturers, importers and retail shops of baby milk powder are not allowed to do any form of promotion for stage one formula which includes giving free sample of stage one formula milk. For other stages of formula milk, most of the manufacturers of formula milk is happy to give you free sample in exchange for your personal information as well as information about your baby. Manufacturers or their sales representatives that give free sample include the follow brands: Abbott, Dumex, Friso, Meadjohnson, Wyeth, Nestle Nan, Karihome and Aptamil.

Not too long ago, parents are not able to get free sample for stage 2 formula milk (for 6 months to 12 months old baby) for similar reason.

How to get the free sample of formula milk

Below we will share with you the link where you can request for free samples from the manufacturers or their sales representatives.


Abbott Formula Milk Free Sample

You can request Abbdott to give you free sample for Stage 3 formula milk or formula milk for older child.

The free sample is limited to one per household and for first-time users only.

Enfa Free Sample

You can request Meadjohnson to give you free sample of Enfagrow A+

You may need to join its Enfamama A+ club in order to get the free sample.


Dumex Free Sample

You can request free sample from Dumex for Dumex Mamil Gold Stage 3 (850g) or Dugro Stage 3 (700g)


Friso Free Sample

You can request free sample from Friso for Friso Gold 3, Friso Gold 4

This sample request is valid for first-time users of Friso or users who have not received Friso samples in the past 6 months.


Nestle Nan Free Sample

You can request Nestle to give you free sample for Nan H.A.3 and Nan Optipro Gro 3/4, Lactogen 3,


S26 Free Sample

You can request Wyesth to give you free sample of S26 Gold Progress for children 1 year onwards


Karihome Free Sample

You can request Karihome to give you free sample for Karihome Stage 3, Karihome Stage 4


Aptamil Free Sample

You can get the free sample of Aptamil through the following link.


Nature One Dairy

Nature One Dairy provides sample for 12 months and above formula milk. You can get the sample via the link below:



You can get the free Toddler Milk sample via the link below:


Amount of free sample of baby milk powder

Different manufacturers of formula milk will give different amount of free sample. A few brand is generous to give 900g of free sample during certain period when they carry out aggressive marketing. For example, Aptamil promises to give 900g of free sample when it just entered the Singapore market. Some companies only give 400g of free sample like Abbott while some brands only give a few sachets.

It should be noted that the same company may change amount of free sample at different times.


Delivery of free sample

To make sure the free sample reaches your hand, some sales representatives of baby milk powder engages the service of logistics company to deliver it to your house. For some sales representatives, they just deliver it via normal mail through Singapore post.



Switch from one brand to another

When your baby shows allergic reaction or becomes fuzzy after drinking one brand of formula milk, parents should consider switching to another brand or different products of same brand.


Unless your baby is allergic to old brand of formula milk, you should gradually introduce the new formula milk to your baby by mixing with old brand of formula milk. This is to give your baby some time to adjust to the new taste.


Can I get free sample for my second child?

Yes. You can get a free sample for your second child for the same brand.

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