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Strange Sound From Your Baby:Congenital Laryngeal Stridor


Some babies, immediately after birth or some weeks after birth, are making some strange sound from their throats. This is called congenital laryngeal stridor literally. It is not a uncommon condition occurred to the infants. If the laryngeal stridor does not affect the breathing and feeding of the babies, it then does not need medical treatment, parents therefore do not need to worry.

Congenital laryngeal stridor occurs due to undeveloped soft laryngeal cartilage which may be a result of malnutrition of the mother during pregnancy. For most babies affected, this does not affect breathing and feeding, therefore no medical treatment is needed. It should gradually disappear around the age of 2 when the child grows up.

For a small number of babies, congenital laryngeal stridor affects aspiration and feeding. When this occurs, parents should seek medical help from the doctors.

If your child is affected, it is also suggested that you remove the pillow when your child is sleeping. Your baby's neck can therefore stretch up, this can help him or her to sleep more comfortably.

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