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Detailed Biodata of Maid


Details of Maid

Maid Basic Biodata

Agency: GoodChoice Employment Agency
Ref No. Kumiyati
Name: Kumiyati
Type: Ex-Singapore
Nationality: Indonesian
Marital Status: Married
Education: Secondary level (8~9 yrs)

Language Spoken
English Yes
Bahasa Indonesia Yes

Maid Skills
Care For Newborn Yes
Care For Infant Yes
Care For Children Yes
Care For Elderly Yes
Care For Disabled Yes
General Housework Yes

Working Experience

Kumiyati is married with one 16 year old child. She is currently 46 years old.

She started working in Singapore since year 2000 with a total of more than 16 years experience.
She have worked in different types of families - Chinese, Indian and Malay families.
From her experience she learnt how to cook Chinese and Indian food and have varied experiencectaking care of babies, children and elderly Ahma and Ah Kong.
And in many of the families she managed to finish 2 to 3 years contracts but for some families she did not finish her contract due to circumstances like the employers do not need a maid anymore and some due to incompatibility.

Kumiyati is currently back to her hometown in Semarang, Indonesia and she is working as a helper taking care of an 8 month old baby and a 5 year old kid.

Kumiyati is humble, honest and responsible and can work independently in any type of household. She is all rounded - can cook various types of dishes, do houskeeping, laundry and marketing. She can take care of babies, kids and elderly.
Kumiyati is available anytime for video call interview with prior arrangements.

Maid's Other Details

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