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Baby Diaper Free Sample Pampers, Huggies, Merries, Mamypoko,Drypers and Petpet


It has been estimated that a baby will use about 5,000 diapers become he or she can use the toilet at night or during day time.

Because of hot and humid weather in Singapore, it is not suitable for baby to wear clothes diaper. Disposable diapers become the common choice among most parents in Singapore.

There are about 10 brands of disposable diaper in Singapore, namely Pampers, Huggies, Merries, Mamypoko, Drypers, Petpet, Onwards, Goo.n, KCA Diaper, Moony diaper, Fairprice Baby Diaper. For each brand, there is tape diaper and diaper pants.

Unfortunately not all brands will give out free samples, brands that does distribute free samples includes Pampers baby diaper.


When to get free diaper sample?

We suggest that you request for free diapers from manufacturers or their sales representatives before your due date.

Of course, if you decide to switch to other brands, it is okay for you to request a free sample from other manufacturers or sales representatives. All manufacturers or sales representatives are happy to have a new prospective customer.

It should be noted that some manufacturers will not give free sample for larger size of diaper.


How to get free diapers sample?

To get free samples, you can click the link provided below. Most of the manufacturers require you to fill up your personal particular in an online form which includes your contact email, address, due date or birthday day of your baby as well as gender of baby.


Huggies Free Sample

You can get free samples for Huggies Ultra Newborn Diaper, Huggies Ultra Diaper, Huggies Ultra Pants


Merries Free Sample

You can get free Merries tape diaper or Merries diaper pants


Mamypoko Free Sample

You can get free sample for Mamypoko Air Fit Tape,Mamypoko Extra Dry, Mamypoko Pants Extra Soft, Mamypoko Maxi Absorb, Mamypoko Standard Pants


Drypers Free Sample

You can get free sample for Drypers Wee Wee Dry Newborn, Drypers Wee Wee Mega, Drypers Pantz, Drypers Drynight, Drypers Touch


Nateen Free Sample

You can get free sample for Nateen Diapers / Pants


Babioniq Diaper Free Sample

You can get free sample for Babioniq Diaper


Onwards Free Sample

The free sample is only available at certain time.


Delivery of free diaper

Manufacturers or sales representatives will not charge anything for the delivery of free diaper. They will deliver it via normal post or registered mail.


When to switch to another brand of baby diaper?

You should switch to a different brand of baby diaper if your baby’s skin is sensitive to the current brand of diaper.

Another reason for switching brand is to save money on diaper. This is because price of one diaper of one brand can equal to two diapers of same size of different brands.


Before you switch to another brand, it is good to request for sample to ensure that your baby is comfortable with the new brand.


How to tell which brand is better?

If your baby’s skin does not show any sensitivities to a diaper, then softness and absorbance are the two important factors when you want to switch brand.


You can feel the softness of the diaper just by touching it and feeling it.


For absorbance, you can do it a testing at home to see how much water that a diaper can absorb before there is a leakage.


Absorbance is very important as you do not want to wake up at night to disturb your baby to change diaper for him or her. Hence, it is important for diaper to have very good absorbance so that there will not be any leakage of urine throughout the night.


Hope the above can guide you to get your free diaper. 

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