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Pregnancy Week 20: Development of the baby and Change to Mother


Development of the baby

1. Baby is now about 16cm in length and weighs approximately 250g.

2. Baby's retina has formed, and he is now able to sense the light coming outside the womb.

3. The sense organs will grow rapidly this week.

4. If your baby is a girl, she will now have 6 million eggs in her ovary. This number will be tremendously reduced to about 1 million when she is born.

Changes to the expectant mother

1. The uterus continues to grow, and it now reaches the height of the mom's navel. From this week onward, the uterus may expand upwards by about 1cm per week.

2. The growing uterus continues to pressurize the stomach, liver, and lung; this can cause shortness of breath, low appetite and frequent urination to the expectant mother.

3. Stretch mark may now become visible.

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