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5 Natural Tips for Couples to Conceive through Traditional Chinese Medicine


Bringing a bundle of joy into the world is a rite of passage for many couples that it is not always the easiest task, especially with the in-laws breathing down your neck. Aside from costly medical procedures, Traditional Chinese Medicine teachings are also a great way to increase your chances of conceiving naturally. We have compiled 5 natural tips for you to try with your partner below!

1. Take your time

Stress is one of the most important factors when it comes to mental and physical health. It can cause blood stagnation and even disrupt ovulation due to hormone changes. Take the time to talk to your partner or TCM practitioner about the steps you are actively taking to reduce stress. Working out a plan is the first step, and a good way to see where you can improve along the way.

2. Know your food intake

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The concept of Yin and Yang is a well-known one. Yin represents passive, cooling forces while Yang represents active, warming forces. Today, studies have shown that having a balanced diet is beneficial to both yourself and your future child. Combine the Western idea of food groups and time-tested Eastern understanding of Yin and Yang to achieve the best diet for yourself. An easy way to get sufficient nutrients is to enjoy a nourishing portion of Eu Yan Sang's Organic High Protein Drip Chicken Essence which will enhance vitality and stamina when you need it most!

3. Exercise for yourself

From a physical standpoint, your strength and dexterity also play a part in conceiving a child. Even with a lack of time due to demanding work schedules, carve out 30 minutes a day for yourself. Chinese traditional martial art forms such as Tai Ji and Qi Gong are designed to produce a good flow of energy, or Qi, in the mind.

4. Prepare your body

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Whether it is carrying a child or trying to conceive, these are all intense activities that take a lot out of your body. You can help yourself prepare by ensuring that your body is not suffering from blood deficiency. Many herbs and supplements can enrich your blood supply naturally and increase your chances of conceiving, such as Eu Yan Sang's halal-certified Gold Label Bak Foong Essence which improves your reproductive health and helps maintain a regular menstrual cycle.

5. Plenty of rest

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Our inability to rest well often comes with high-stress events or demanding work during the day. Without a calm state of mind, our bodies find it difficult to fall back into a state of rest. This can be traced back to TCM's concept of 'root and branch'. Insomnia for example, is a 'branch', a resulting symptom of an imbalance in calm energy. One of the key things to note while trying to conceive is to reduce stress hormones that interfere with ovulation.

That is why it is key to get proper sleep during the nights. Best for new mothers-to-be who require prenatal nourishment, Eu Yan Sang Imperial Golden Concentrated Bird's Nest (Reduced Sugar) not only enhances immunity, it can also effectively reduce fatigue and is halal-certified. Best consumed before bedtime, the most abundant amino acids of Bird's Nests are serine, threonine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, proline, and valine which helps to provide general wellness and beauty support.

This ready-to-drink formula is specially prepared from wholesome, premium grade bird's nest, which has been carefully selected and meticulously hand cleaned to best preserve its natural golden colour.

What are some of the burning questions you have while trying to conceive naturally? Start your TCM wellness journey with Eu Yan Sang today. You can shop online or tele-order/consult with our experienced herbalists, 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm (including PH) and have your favourite products delivered straight to your doorstep. Order Online at (Same Day Delivery) or WhatsApp us at 9372 0698.

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