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Oyster: The best fertility food


Oyster is probably the best fertility food that is known.

Oyster is rich in selenium

The oyster is rich in selenium. The selenium in oyster provides antioxidant protections and helps to improve man's potency. It helps to increase chance of conception by increasing sperm motility - an important factor that affecting chance of conception.

Oyster is rich in zinc

Zinc is an important substance that can affect the health of the sperm as well as the production of the sperm. A large amount of zinc helps to improve the quality of sperm, motility of sperm which all can increase the survival of the sperm and chance of conception. It also help to increase a women's fertility levels by promoting proper cell division.

Lack of zinc in women has been found to be related to increased chance of miscarriage, hormone imbalance or lack of egg release or no egg release from the ovaries.

While oyster is good for fertility, you should not consume too much as too much zinc in the body will also be harmful.

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