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Trying to conceive: Change of work post


If you are working in manufacturing company, chemical company or in the medical field, you may request your boss to change your work post to avoid contact with harmful objects or viruses.

Below are the groups of people that may consider changing work post:

Jobs or Tasks Negative Impact
Jobs that require you to contact with mercury, lead or other heavy metals or contact with chemical like benzene, oil Mercury, lead and other heavy metals will causes abnormality in fetus. Lead can cause brain damage in children. Benzenes or oil can increase the chance of miscarriage
Jobs that require you to operate high-temperature machines or machines that generate a lot of noise All these can have a negative impact on the development of the fetus
Work environment that has radioactive substances or machines that generate high frequency electromagnetic radiation Radiation or high frequency electromagnetic radiation can cause abnormality of fetus.
Jobs in medical field that require frequent contact with patients that are affected by communicable diseases Virus carried by the patient can affect the growth and development of the baby.


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