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Agency: GoodChoice Employment Agency
License Number:16C7985
Reference Number: ANN-ANN Walawala
Name: ANN-ANN Walawala
Type of Maid:Ex-Singapore
Nationality: Filipino
Date of Birth:19/06/1982 (age: 36 yrs)
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Marital Status: Single
No of Children: 1 (age 14)
Education: College/Degree (>=13 yrs)
Language Spoken
English Yes
Bahasa Indonesia
Tagalog Yes
Maid Skills
Care For Newborn Yes
Care For Infant Yes
Care For Children Yes
Care For Elderly Yes
Care For Disabled
General Housework Yes
Maid Working Experience
Ann-Ann is single parent, pleasant and blessed with 1 child aged 14 years old. She is matured, resonsible and motherly type of person. She is able to look after baby and children and treat as her own. She can cook Chinese, Western foods, baking and willing to learn more 26/01/2007- 25/11/2008- Her first employer was a Chinese with with 2 chindren age 7 months old and newborn baby, her main duties was to takecare the children assist on there daily needs like bathing, feeding baby bottle, changing diaper, put the baby to bed and play with them when she has time, she manage also to do general house housework, wasching clothes, ironing and cooking, reason of leaving finish contract. 18/01/2014- 28/04/2015- She transfer to another Chinese employer with 2 children age 12 and 18 years old, takecare the house, prepared meals for the family, washing clothes, ironing, marketing and cooking, baking and grilled foods, reason of leaving she sleep with the 2 boys and she is not comfortable because boys already grown up. 24/10/2015- 03/08/2018- She work with Australian living in 3 storey landed house with 2 children age 3 years old and newborn, assist the children needs, feeding, changing diaper, sterilize baby bottle, She do also house cleaning, cooking and marketing, reason of leaving employer went home for good. Ann-Ann can interview thru whatsap with prior arrangement please call 98161928

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