Mini Harvards Open House

Mini Harvards Open House

  • Free Transport ($200 Per Month)
  • $200 off 6 months (Terms and conditions apply)
  • Free registration fee
  • Free uniform
  • Free study materials
Date:23rd March 2019, Sat
Time:10am – 2pm

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About Mini Harvards

Mini Harvards is a Parents World Magazine Preschool Award-Nominee and is the 1st Preschool to ensure that all our Preschoolers are Fully Ready for Primary School.

Can your pre-schooler recite to you the digestive system or elements in the periodic table?

❌ No, they can’t, if they’re not enjoying what they’re learning.

❌ No, they can’t, if their pre-schools continue teaching them only 1 alphabet a week (What a waste of money!)

✅ However, with the Mini Harvards Program, we have figured out proven methods of helping your child reach their full potential.

✅We heavily focus on these three principles:

  • Customized learning styles
  • Monitored Learning ( Weekly updated portfolio for students)
  • Focusing on Character Building and Soft Skills development

✅With these key principles, we will ensure that your child breezes through Primary School EASILY and grow up to be the BEST versions of themselves, putting you, Parents, at ease that they have grown up to be independent and intellectual individuals.

Mini Harvards Open House @ Bukit Timah
Mini Harvards Open House @ Bukit Timah
Mini Harvards Open House @ Bukit Timah

Our Fee

ServicesAgeFee Before Government Subsidy
Child Full Day1 year 6 months to 6 years 11 months$1390.00
Child Half-Day AM1 year 6 months to 6 years 11 months$920
Child Half-Day PM1 year 6 months to 6 years 11 months$920

Our Curriculum

Tailored to meet every individual child ability level.

Our syllabus prepares your child for the 6yrs of primary school journey. Our Mini Havards Kids will be well ahead due to our customised focussed and effective teaching.

  • Quantitative concepts and Mathematics
  • Language and Literature
  • Aesthetics and Creative Expression
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Creative Writing
  • Math, Science and Technology
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Ethics & Environment awareness
Mini Harvards Open House

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