Early Education

Dinning training in children in Singapore

Dinning Training: Do not scold your child for messing dinner table

In general,when children reach 18 months old, they are able to feed themselves with spoon and they can start to learn how to use chopstick at the age of 24 months.

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Life skill learning schedule in Singapore

Life Skill Learning Schedule for 12 to 24 months Old Baby

Life Skill Learning Schedule for 12- 24 months Old Baby

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Train your child to change clothes

Encourage your children to change clothes themselves

Training your children to change clothes themselves is an important part in cultivating children daily skills.

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Story for children

Reading Fairy Tale to your child everyday

Reading story to your kid is one of the best way to teach your child right or wrong, good or bad about many things in life. Fairy tale can also help to develop your child's imagination, language skill. Good story can have a positive impact on the child.

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Curiosity in children

Early Childhood Education: Protect your child curiosity

Child's curiosity: Experienced parents will notice, when their children are able to speak, they are able to recalled things happened in their surroundings even some time after it happened. This no only shows a very good memory of the baby, but also shows that children are very curious about the things surrounding them.

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Left-handed children

No Need to worry if your child is left hander

No Need to worry if your child is left-hander

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