Nutrition During Pregnancy

Nut is good for the growing fetus. Health benefits,nutrition value of nuts for the growing fetus and the expecting mother during pregnancy.

Nuts that are good for brain development

The nuts introduced below are good for the development of the brain of the baby. They are rich in some types of amino acids that form the nervous system of the brain. They are also rich in vitamin B and E that help the intellectual development of the brain.

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Barley is not suitable for pregnant women as it may cause miscarriage.

Avoid barley during Pregnancy

Barley have a stimulating effect on the smooth muscle of the uterus and can cause contraction of the uterine. This can trigger miscarriage.

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Crab is not suitable for expecting mother during pregnancy as it may cause miscarriage

Avoid crab during pregnancy

In traditional Chinese medicine, eating crab, especially crab leg will cause miscarriage. For this reason, pregnant women therefore should avoid these dish during pregnancy

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Health benefits of corn to pregnant women and the growing fetus.

Expectant mother should eat more corn

Corn is very beneficial for the development of the brain and intelligence development of the child.

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Pregnant women should eat less salt as too much salt in diet is not healthy to the heart. This may lead to many complications during pregnancy.

Less salt in your food

According to the Health Promotion Board, food in Singapore have been prepared with too much salt. Too much salt in the food is harmful to the health, especially to the pregnant women

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Food that can help to increase breast milk secretion as well as enhance the quality of the breast milk.

Food For Better Quality of Breast Milk

Food For Better Quality of Breast Milk: In this article, we recommend six kinds of food that expectant mother can take more during pregnancy to ensure better quality of breast milk for their babies after delivery.

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