Pregnancy Week 21: Development of the baby and Change to Mother

 Pregnancy week by week: development of the growing fetus and change to expecting mother in pregnancy week 21 and milestone in pregnancy week 21

Development of the baby

1. The baby has a body length of about 18cm and a weight of 300g. The baby's weight will increase rapidly from now.

2. Baby's eyebrow and eyelid are now visible. Your baby has made progress in the development of his or her hearing, he is now able to hear what you say, and loud music can wake him up.

Changes to the expectant mother

1. Early pregnancy response has ended. Expectant mother's abdomen has increased significantly.

2. Uterine height has surpassed the navel.

3. The expectant mother may experience swelling, especially in the feet and ankle. The situation will become more evident in the evening. You may consider a small reduction of salt in the diet to reduce the swelling. Regular brisk walking can also help to relieve the discomfort.

It takes a village to raise a child !

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