Pregnancy Week 33: Development of the baby and Change to Mother

 Pregnancy week by week: development of the growing fetus and change to expecting mother in pregnancy week 33. Milestone in pregnancy week 33.

Development of the baby

1. The fetus has a body length of 45cm and a weight of about 1800g.

2. Subcutaneous fat is thickening. Wrinkles on the skin are disappearing.

3. Fetal lanugo disappears, and the fetus' hair is growing longer and longer.

4. His head is now facing downwards and is getting ready for the laboring.

Changes to the expectant mother

1. The pregnant mother's uterus has expanded by about 500 times since the start of the pregnancy.

2. Anemia should disappear due to the rapid generation of red blood cells by the body.

3. Due to the pressure on the stomach, heart, and lungs by the uterus, the expectant mother may find it hard to breathe and will experience palpitation.

4. Shoulder pain and neck stiffness are also common during this week.

It takes a village to raise a child !

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