Prevention of premature birth

 Prevention of premature birth. How to prevent premature birth.

Early diagnosis and early detection are key to the prevention of premature birth.

The following measures can help to lower down the chance of the premature birth:

1. Regular checkup. Regular checkup can help to detect symptoms of premature birth earlier. Once detected, you should follow the instruction of the doctors and nurses closely.

2. Avoid sex. Uterus contraction will occur during sex and this may lead to premature birth.

3. Do not squat and do not stand for too long. Squatting or standing for too long may induce premature labor.

4. Do not go to crowded place. This is to prevent other people from bumping onto you.

5. Drinking sufficient water can help to prevent premature birth. Dehydration will increase chance of premature contraction.

6. Taking prenatal vitamins can also help to prevent premature birth. Prenatal vitamins not only improve the health of you and your baby, it can also help to protect you from premature labor. Folic acid is one of the most important nutrition that women should take during pregnancy, not only it reduces the chance of birth defect, it may also lower the risk of placental abruption and preeclampsia which are responsible for about 20 percent of premature birth.

7. Eat food rich in calcium. Calcium has shown to be effective in preventing premature birth, so remember to increase the amount of food that is rich in calcium to your diet.

8. Eat small meals and eat often. Research shown that pregnant women who eat often are likely to delivery prematurely.

9. Rest and Relaxation. While you are resting or in a relaxed mode, it can help to stop or slow the contraction of the uterus and hence prevent premature birth.

10. Keep vagina area clean. About half of the premature delivery is induced by the uterine infections. Hence preventing uterine infection is key to prevention of premature labor. Here are a few tips that you can use to keep your vagina clean and prevent infection during pregnancy.

  • Wipe from front to back after going to the loo.
  • Wash hand before or after touching genitals
  • Make sure your underwear is clean.

11. Avoid long-distance travel.

12. Remain calm and cool. Stress and anxiety are closely related to premature birth. It is therefore important for expectant mothers to remain calm and cool and avoid any mental stimulation.

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