We Answer Your Prenatal Massage Concerns!

 We Answer Your Prenatal Massage Concerns!

Is your belly getting heavier day by day? Are you constantly slowed down by body aches that feel like they will never leave? On behalf of all pregnant moms, I welcome you to the club! In tackling such issues, to-be mothers often have their own ways. Those who would rather let others do it - because honestly, who has the energy - would normally turn to a professional massage therapist. The fact that you are here now means you are also considering the same solution, so let's get right to it!

"What is a prenatal massage?"

It is a body massage therapy performed on pregnant women with the main objective to combat discomfort and pain experienced by them due to the pregnancy.

"What will this massage do for me?"

Going by different names across regions, this massage is believed to treat back pain and cramps, improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and most importantly reduce stress and help moms relax as they prepare themselves for the birth. Nevertheless, results are completely up to individuals.

"When should I get the massage?"

You may get the massage as soon as you are getting into the second trimester, during your fourth month. For many, tactile massage can be a little too 'vomit-inducing'. You are particularly advised against getting the massage during the first trimester as it can trigger nausea and morning sickness - which unfortunately does not only happen in the mornings. Hence, certified massage therapists will not perform the massage too early in your pregnancy.

Another reason to wait until you are in your second trimester is that for many moms, their baby bumps barely show during the first trimester. There are fewer body changes during the first three months compared to later in your pregnancy, which means there are lesser issues to treat. Thus, your second and third trimesters are the most optimum times for it (the latest by 2 weeks prior to your EDD). If you would like to see effective changes in your body, it is highly recommended that you get the massage on consecutive days.

"Some of my body parts are highly-sensitive to touch at this point. Can I handle massage when I am pregnant?"

This is why there should be communication and mutual respect between you and your massage therapist. Know that the massage therapist always welcomes comments from you. If you cannot take the pressure, let them know. Likewise, if you enjoy them pressing certain parts more, ask them for more of that. Their main goal is to let you relax and feel better.

In this massage, the parts of your body that retain fluid are mainly targetted. However, a well-trained pregnancy massage therapist would know better than to massage your breast, chest, and abdomen areas. Especially if you are getting the massage during your third trimester, placing pressure on such areas can induce labor or trigger contractions. Stimulation around the breast, for instance, can send the signal to your brain that you are ready to breastfeed.

This brings us to the question you come here for,

"Is pregnancy massage safe?"

Just as how yoga or any other exercise during pregnancy is safe, so is pregnancy massage. Likewise, there can be a point where a massage can be risky for your pregnancy just how an exercise can be, too.

This is especially so if your massage therapist is not eligible/knowledgeable enough to perform pregnancy massage. Unlike a normal body massage, there are body parts that will be excluded during the massage for pregnant moms, like the stomach which is a particularly sensitive area. As you are advised to get a prenatal massage once you have already passed the first trimester, you would most probably have a baby bump at this point. Improper massage techniques can cause complications and cause a change in the position of the growing baby in your womb.

Fortunately, that is why special training is provided and massage therapists ought to be certified to perform massage on pregnant women. Hence, instead of going for a freelance massage therapist, opt for the ones from agencies.

So! I guess the only question left to be asked now is,

"How to make sure I've got a good pregnancy massage, then?"

When performed properly, getting a pregnancy massage will undoubtedly be in your best interest. Go for certified and professional masseuses who are trained to perform prenatal massages (remember, not every massage therapist you know can perform it). Look up agencies that can provide you with detailed information on how their massage therapists are trained and what they will and will not do.

Would like an even more detailed explanation on prenatal massage at home Singapore to-be moms like you deserve? Lucky for you, PNSG has a commendable customer service team who will be beyond glad to tend to all your enquiries. They are an award-winning prenatal and postnatal massage agency with a team of outstanding, professionally-trained and certified masseuses. Have your mind made up and you are now ready to be pampered? Book your massage session now and enjoy the relaxing moment!

About PNSG

PNSG provides home-based prenatal and postnatal massage therapy for soon-to-be and new mothers. Comprising certified and skilled massage therapists who have received continuous in-house training, our top priority is ensuring your concerns regarding your physical changes are tackled and your journey is greatly eased.

By targetting body parts that have gone through changes during and after pregnancy, our massage can benefit mothers like you in various different ways. Aside from allowing you to relax and be pampered, our prenatal massage can also help reduce water retention and improve blood circulation. This promotes a smoother pregnancy in your preparation for the delivery. The postnatal massage, on the other hand, will assist in your childbirth recovery, from slimming you down to treating breast engorgement. At PNSG, our only hope is for mothers to enjoy going through pregnancy and reminiscing their experiences!

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