Ace @ Work Childcare School Tour
Ace @ Work Childcare School Tour
Ace @ Work Childcare School Tour

School Tour of Ace @ Work Childcare

To develop every child to their full potential.

Locations:Jurong East, Cashew Heights, Choa Chu Kang 757 & Choa Chu Kang 703
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About Ace @ Work Childcare

Established in 1997, Ace @ Work is a pioneer childcare and student care service provider in Singapore with 4 childcare centres, 16 student care centres and more than 2200 students under our care. As an accredited Partner Operator acknowledged by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), Ace @ Work provides quality curriculum at affordable rates. We prioritse the continuous professional development of our educators and improve the quality of our centres through ongoing training, research, and strong community partnerships.

Ace @ Work strives to champion healthy eating from a young age. Our centre principals and cooks undergo culinary training, acquiring the skills to create healthy and delicious menus. All meals served in our centres adhere to the standards set by the HMCCP Framework, ensuring accreditation for our nutritional value and quality.

Ace @ Work Childcare School Tour
Ace @ Work Childcare School Tour
Ace @ Work Childcare School Tour
Ace @ Work Childcare School Tour

Holistic Curriculum with An Integrated Approach

We aim to nurture happy, healthy, well-articulated and confident children. Guided by a team of leading curriculum specialists, Ace @ Work adopts an integrated thematic approach towards its curriculum which is fully aligned with MOE standards. Children’s learning takes place across the following areas:

  • Character Development
  • English and Chinese Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Social-Emotional Competence
  • Music & Movement
  • Visual Arts
  • Values
  • Learning Dispositions
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Ace @ Work Childcare School Tour
Ace @ Work Childcare School Tour
Ace @ Work Childcare School Tour

Key Elements that Set Us Apart

Ace @ Work Childcare School Tour
Ace @ Work Childcare School Tour
Ace @ Work Childcare School Tour

Ace @ Work Childcare stands out from other preschool centres through several distinctive features:

  • Integrated thematic curriculum
  • Aligned with MOE standards
  • Professional development for educators
  • A robust team of qualified, enthusiastic, and committed educators
  • Bright and open learning environment
  • Easily accessible by car or public transport
  • Outdoor learning journeys
  • Speech and drama
  • Table tennis
  • Music appreciation

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In-House Speech & Drama Classes

Our in-house Speech and Drama specialist conducts weekly sessions with children. Utilising songs, rhymes, and call-and-response activities, younger children enhance their vocabulary and develop confidence in expressing themselves. As children advance to the kindergarten level, they engage in a variety of drama techniques such as role-play, performances, and games. This not only fosters their social-emotional skills but also nurtures them into becoming confident communicators.

Table Tennis

Led by Singapore Table Tennis Association Coach, Ace @ Work’s Table Tennis enrichment activity is highly popular among our young participants. A former student who started his table tennis journey at Ace @ Work has now officially become a member of the Junior Development Squad under the Singapore Table Tennis Association while attending primary school. Children will develop fundamental table tennis skills, including techniques such as:

  • Shakehand grip
  • Penhold grip
  • Bounce the ball on the spot and moving
  • Foothold concept
  • Ready position
  • Backhand and forehand concept and more…

Music Appreciation

Each of our centres is equipped with an extensive array of musical instruments, including ukulele, xylophone, glockenspiel, rhythm stick, shaker, triangle, and more. These instruments play a key role in various activities such as music and movement, singing, and other curriculum-based exercises. The exposure to musical instruments serves to cultivate children’s appreciation for music and enhances their understanding of fundamental elements such as beat, tempo, and pitch.

Our Locations

Jurong East

Blk 288 Jurong East St 21, #01-378 Singapore 602288

Cashew Heights

105 Cashew Rd #01-01 Singapore 679675

Choa Chu Kang 757

Blk 757 Choa Chu Kang North 5 #01-121 Singapore 680757

Choa Chu Kang 703

Blk 703 Choa Chu Kang St 53 #01-54 Singapore 680703                      

What our parents are saying…

  • Customer Testimonails

    I am writing to show my appreciation and recognition for all the staff at Ace @ Work Childcare Centre.
    You are all excellent teachers and have inspired by children to continue learning with an open and positive mind.
    You not only teach in a different way to make them interested in learning, you also try your best to understand their problems and help them find a best way to solve them.
    Most importantly, I know that my children are well taken care of in school and that is the most important assurance any teacher can give to a parents.
    In addition, I would like to thank their speech and drama teacher for believing in my child. He was hesitant and reluctant to perform his character at first. But the constant encouragement and lessons enabled him to speak publicly and present effectively More importantly, the lessons helped him to discover, nurture and develop his confidence.
    We would like to thank all of you for our hard work and we truly appreciate it.

    Mdm Teoh
  • Customer Testimonails

    Dear all in Ace @ Work Childcare,
    From the first day of school we knew our son will be in good hands. He was luckly to have been taught and guided by the wonder teachers at the centre. All of you have helped him learn how to read, share, care and be motivated to achieve more.
    I am also happy to learn that he was able to be a little helper to the teachers at times. Both his father and I are delighted to see the transformation in him these 2 years.
    Our whole family thank the centre for all your hard work and dedication shown in each and every child. We have no second doubt when we decided to place our daughter in the same centre. We look forward to seeing the transformation in our daughter too. We are blessed to have all of you teaching and guiding both our children.

    Mdm Loretta

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