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Discover Alphabet Playhouse East Coast

  • Waiver of Registration Fee
  • $200 off monthly school fees for 12 months for full-day childcare programme. (Total value: $2400)
  • $100 off monthly school fees for 12 months for half-day childcare programme. (Total value: $1200)
Date: 18 Nov – 14 Dec 2019
Time: Mon-Fri:
  • 9.00am - 10.30am/3pm – 4:30pm
  • Saturday schedule 9.30am-10.30am is strictly upon request and subject to availability.
Location:440A Upper East Coast Road Singapore 466497

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2020 Enrolment Starts Now - Alphabet Playhouse @ East Coast

For young children, every experience or encounter presents a learning opportunity hence the preschool education plays an important role in the child’s development.

Here at Alphabet Playhouse, we encourage the children to express themselves freely and seek to unearth their true potential through a holistic curriculum that emphasizes on fun and adventurous learning. With sports, arts and music infused into the syllabus, the children become more confident, independent and analytical whilst developing great social skills and strength of character.

Visit us at Alphabet Playhouse @ East Coast from 18 Nov – 14 Dec 2019. It would certainly astound you to see what an amazing learning experience and environment we can provide for your child. There are exclusive waivers for new enrolments too. So hurry and register for a personalized tour now!

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About Alphabet Playhouse

Alphabet Playhouse's holistic curriculum focuses on sports, music and nature to empower your child's learning through our fun, creative and well-balanced programmes!

With over 20 years of quality education under our belt, our immersive environment ensures that your child will develop a sound foundation in the languages, mathematics, arts and sports, along with social and creative thinking skills through experiential learning.

Our Curriculum

At Alphabet Playhouse, our curriculum focus on the holistic development of the child through play-based programmes that teach and enhance numeracy skills and their command of the English language. Chinese is creatively taught through the rhythmic pounding of the Cajón drum that stimulates brain function, resulting in higher intelligence.

  • Creative Expression
  • Language & Literacy
  • Motor Skills Development

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What our happy parents think about us

  • Customer Testimonails

    I just want to say a very big thank you for taking such good care of Arya and Ryder throughout their journey in Alphabet Playhouse! It has been an amazing journey for the kids and we really appreciate all the hard work and effort the teachers have put in to ensure they thrive in their education!

    We wish Alphabet Playhouse all the very best and please do stay in touch!

    - Parent of Arya & Ryder
  • Customer Testimonails

    We would like to thanks all the staff at Alphabet Playhouse for taking good care of our daughter Christina during her two years there.

    Special thanks to Liu Lao Shi and all other Lao Shi as well for teaching Chinese to Christina... we would probably let her continue to learn Chinese all the way because she has picked up the language so well.

    Finally, a special thanks to the Principal, Ms Liang, for monitoring her and also giving us the flexibility to sometimes send her full day when we needed. That was really helpful.

    - Christina's Mummy and Daddy

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