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About JHS Montessori

At JHS Montessori, Children always come first. Their every aspect of growth and achievements are important to us and celebrated with joy. Their total holistic development, learning experience and well-being are always our utmost priority.

Our mission is to provide a quality and holistic environment using the Montessori approach to stimulate the child’s natural desire to learn.

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Centre Location

Our Learning Philosophy

A Quality Montessori Environment

To provide a quality Montessori environment with purposeful classroom activities that help the child develop life-long learning skills.

Learn at own pace

To respect each child as special and different and he/she constructs knowledge at his/her own pace. The Montessori Method forms the foundation of our teaching approach to help each child realise his/her highest potentials.

Natural explorer of interest

To allow each child to exercise his/her own decisions to explore his/her interest of learning so as to nurture him/her to develop decision making skills and confidence. The child takes pride in his/her work.


Our Montessori trained teachers present a wide range of classroom activities using the Montessori materials and methods whereby each has a learning objective. In the process of hands-on experience, our teachers facilitate and support each child's discoveries and extended learning.

Our Programme

Practical life

Children perform exercises which teach them to care for themselves and their environment. In addition, grace and courtesy lessons help them to function in a social environment.


Sensorial materials help to refine the senses so that the child can better appreciate the world around him. He learns different colours, sounds, tastes and textures. It also increases his desire to explore his world and allows him to constructively categorize all that he encounters.


Mathematics includes the use of Montessori concrete hands-on learning materials to help the child visualize and understand the concepts. Lessons and activities are introduced simply in the early years and re-introduced again during the following years at increasing degree of abstraction and complexity.


Preparation for reading and writing begins through the phonetic introduction of the sandpaper letters. Word building and the introduction of reading exercises take place through a natural progression depending on a child's personal readiness.


Children learn about the world and the living things within it. Our Montessori environment offers the child studies in Geography, History and the Sciences.

Music & Movement

Objectives for the children’s learning of music & movement include participation within a group, development of social skills by playing co-operative musical games, improvement of balance and co-ordination, recognition of music rhythm, beats and sounds.

Art & Craft

Art and craft in a Montessori Classroom is a way for children to express their thoughts and creativity. Here, the children learn to cut, paste and be creative. Children get to express their feelings, the way they see things visually and their views of it. In a Montessori classroom the children have the opportunity to do free art. There are always crayons, markers, paint and an environment available for the children to be creative.


Mandarin lessons are focused on preparing the child for reading and writing through daily activities with our qualified native teachers. Through conversational and fun activities which include music and movement, children build an interest in learning the language.

Cookery and Science Discoveries

Children learn to compare, observe, explore, discover, calculate and learn during their cookery and science activities and lessons.

Bodily Kinesthetic Exercise

Using hoops, beanbags, balls, and so many more apparatus, we create many different exercises and movements to enhance your child gross and fine motor skills, within the large indoor area space in our school.

We Care/Character Kids

It’s important to instill in our children a moral compass that will guide them through life. Through our own character building programme where stories and action songs are used, we instill good values and life skills in your child.

Our Enrichment Classes

Speech & Drama

From Relaxation exercise to Poetry and selected poems, children have fun learning activities during this programme. There are many fun learning techniques which are all incorporated in the lessons. The children regard the lesson as ‘fun’ and enjoy learning, without realizing the complexities of the curriculum. Personal attention is given to each child to ascertain speech faults and correct them.

Magic of Science

Lessons are fun and interactive specially designed for our pre-schoolers. The aim is to promote the understanding of relevant scientific concepts through a S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) approach that also accentuates logical thinking and holistic cognitive development.

Chinese Speech & Drama

During the classes, the children are given opportunities to develop their social skills through creative play. The programme content will cover customary traditions and Chinese folk art and craft to engage children in a creative learning process and to cultivate interest and love for Chinese culture.

Some words from our happy parents

  • Customer Testimonails

    One of the best things that happened with Viraaj was that he joined JHS Montessori during the Nursery years. He developed a love for learning which goes on till today. He is now in Primary 3 and recently got an Educational Merit Award from our Minister. A lot of this is attributed to the preparation that goes on in the early childhood years. Love for learning comes with the joy of going to school to be with friends and being loved and groomed by the teachers. I sincerely am grateful to JHS for the grooming my child received then. I see a beautiful person who is passionate to help others and who loves to learn. JHS has a passionate principal and well-grounded teachers to upscale the potential in every child. If I have to do it all over again with another kid, it would be my first choice of school for the early years always!

    Mother of Viraaj Prakash Vaswani (graduated in 2018)
  • Customer Testimonails

    An excellent Montessori school to be in!  The principal Ms Nicole is a passionate veteran of the preschool education and teachers are extremely experienced, patient and caring. They genuinely care for children well-being and they create a school culture that nurtures them with positive life values. Big brand names are great but if you are looking beyond structured curriculum and a school that builds the character of young kids, JHS is worth your consideration! 
    We are very fortunate to have all our 3 children with JHS. My 2 elder ones are already in primary school with the younger one still with JHS. The school has a well-rounded curriculum that prepares children for the primary school with external enrichment programs like science discovery, speech and drama embedded in part of the curriculum. Thus even without signing up for extra enrichment classes outside, the kids are well prepared for their transition into the local primary schools, not needing us to worry much on their adaptability.

    Parents of Fu Zixuan, Fu Ziqi & Fu Yanyi

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