Open House of Kiddie Explorers Preschool
Open House of Kiddie Explorers Preschool

School Tour of Kiddie Explorers Preschool

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Our Location:431 Punggol Road, Singapore 546654
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Our Curriculum

Our integrated thematic curriculum intertwines learning and caring together. We adopt the curriculum framework from the Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) and Nurturing Early Learners (NEL). It is organised around the six learning areas listed below, taken from Ministry of Education (MOE) Nurturing Early Learners (2012).

Kiddie Explorers Preschool

Language & Literacy

Kiddie Explorers Preschool


Kiddie Explorers Preschool

Motor Skills Development

Kiddie Explorers Preschool

Discovery of the World

Kiddie Explorers Preschool

Social Emotional Development

Kiddie Explorers Preschool

Aesthetics & Creative Expression

Our Philosophy

At Kiddie Explorers, we empower our children to learn through the learning process of Wonder, Explore, Discover and Create. They learn more when they are having fun and our program emphasizes on active learning approach.

As explorers, we work towards convergence and ensures that learning and caring takes on a whole new experience with focus on mutual respect, discovery, experimentation, exploration, and play. We recognize that children learn many concepts through self-initiated play and materials. Child-initiated activities are encouraged within the broad perimeters of a set curriculum which includes embarking on child-initiated projects in each term called "Project I-Wonder".

Kiddie Explorers Preschool

Why choose us?

Kiddie Explorers Preschool

Small teacher-student ratio

Small class sizes ensure our students get the absolute most out of their learning journey.

Kiddie Explorers Preschool

Quality Education at affordable fee

We are an ECDA licensed centre, providing quality care and affordable services.
Monthly full day school fee capped low at $840.00 (before subsidies*)
*Subsidies is only applicable for SG citizen children only

Kiddie Explorers Preschool

Safe, Fun and Conducive Learning Environment

We ensure that our children learn in an environment that is stimulating, safe, healthy, and caring.

Kiddie Explorers Preschool

Experienced & Qualified Teachers

Our curriculum is specially developed and taught by a team of experienced and dedicated teachers only.

Our Testimonials

  • Customer Testimonails

    From Day 1, Leon has always shared with me that the Teachers love & care for him. The whole team of teachers are professional & have shown patience, love, understanding & kindness to my son & his classmates. They have shown tremendous effort in planning out the class activities on weekly basis as well. It's a relief when you know that your child is in safe hands while you're busy working. Thank you for being supportive & keeping me updated of my child's well-being.

    Parent of Leon Shriishen
  • Customer Testimonails

    This is the best school for our child. We feel that Kiddie Explorers is a warm and caring school. We love how the children are all taught in a loving, caring and educational atmosphere. The teachers are patient and give adequate attention to each and every child. We feel safe to leave our child in their care.

    Parent of Teoh Chen Rui

Our Location

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