Open House of My Little Kingdom

Open House of My Little Kingdom

Nurturing Your Child Tomorrow

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  • $200 off for the first 3 months.
Date:The Hillford: 13th Apr 2024

NEWest: 27th Apr 2024
Time:9am - 1pm
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About My Little Kingdom

At My Little Kingdom, We believe that while academic success and being smart is important, inculcating good morals and the right values—things that will follow through to your child lives—are just as essential to their development.

At our preschool, the credo of ‘children come first’ is embraced. The uniqueness of every child is emphasises by creating a patient and nurturing environment that allows the child to feel at ease and cared for.

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Open House of My Little Kingdom
Open House of My Little Kingdom
Open House of My Little Kingdom
Open House of My Little Kingdom
Open House of My Little Kingdom

Nurturing talents through multiple intelligence

At My Little Kingdom Preschool, we believe that each child is unique with his or her talents. Some are good with language, some are good at music or with people skills. By allowing your child to excel in their individual unique way, it will be a great confidence booster for them to excel.

We follow a curriculum based on the all-encompassing principles of Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence. This approach recognises eight distinct intelligences based on a child’s natural ability and inclination.

Word Smart

Learning with verbal linguistic such as reading, writing about a subject.

Self Smart

Learning with interpersonal time such as self-reflection and self-assessment.

Body Smart

Learning with motor skills to express oneself to learn and solve problems

Nature Smart

Learning through nature, using elements and patterns in the natural world to solve problems.

Logic Smart

Learning with logical-mathematical intelligence by analysing problems through logic.

Picture Smart

Learning with spatial intelligence through visual aids such as images, maps, and diagrams.

Music Smart

Learning with musical intelligence through music, rhymes, singing, and playing instruments.

People Smart

Learning with interpersonal intelligence through group work and meaningful conversations.

Our Locations

The Hillford

The Hillford 182 Jalan Jurong Kechil, #01-67 Singapore 596152


NEWest, 1 West Coast Drive, #01-05, Singapore 128020

What our parents are saying…

  • Customer Testimonails

    The team of teachers and principal are always encouraging and motivating the daughter to do her best. The lunches and tea break served are always nutritious and interesting. I remember my girl wasn’t speaking a word when she first joined at 18mo and… falling quite a lot behind her peers. Within a few months she was singing and trying to communicate to us. She is now such a chatterbox!
    We will always be grateful to the team at MLK for their sincerity, patience and most importantly how they always place the students’ interest at their top priority

    Valencia Khoo
  • Customer Testimonails

    I would highly recommend My Little Kingdom (MLK) to anyone who is choosing a pre-school for your little one, especially if you are living in the Jalan Jurong Kechil or West Coast areas. My son, who is in P1 this year, had the good fortune of attending MLK from...toddler class all the way to K2. MLK had just opened its doors opposite where we were staying back in 2017 and we were immediately charmed by its warm, welcoming and positive vibes as well as the skilful and engaging ways in which the principal and teachers interacted with our boy.
    True enough, MLK became a second home to our boy. Under his teachers’ loving guidance and patient care, as well as the myriad of learning activities that catered to the children’s different talents and dispositions, my son blossomed into a curious, confident and eager learner whom much to our great surprise, transitioned very well into P1 this year. Thank you MLK for sparing no efforts in nurturing our little (now not so little) one, and doing many many small things with great love.
    Thank you for making such a positive difference to your young charges, and working tirelessly and passionately to create a safe and loving home away from home for them.

    Wee Nee Lee

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