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Is your child ready to be a HERO?

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What do you want your child to be when he or she grows up? In a world that needs more kindness now than ever, it’s not enough to raise a generation of straight-A scholars.

What we need are heroes with strong values who care deeply for their world and beyond – the kind we raise at Star Learners. Our literature-based curriculum coupled with an activity-based approach allows children to learn meaningfully through engaging stories and authentic contexts, developing them into Happy learners, Empathic thinkers, Respectful, confident communicators and Open collaborators.

Join us at our School Tour to find out how we empower your child to be that Hero and nurture him or her with the right skills to thrive in life.

Forging Heroes with our Starbeam™ Framework

Our framework is founded on the belief that we inspire children through the power of stories. By immersing children in rich and exciting worlds, they tackle concepts and skills in multiple learning areas – opening a world of perspectives that inspire them to become Heroes:

School Tour of Star Learners

Happy Learners

Children find real joy in learning, when education is an adventure. They are excited to discover knowledge and are curious about the world they live in.

Empathic Thinkers

Children are able to put themselves in other people's shoes. They think critically, creatively and compassionately.

Respectful, Confident Communicators

Children express their thoughts clearly and boldly. They are comfortable speaking their mind with confidence and respect.

Open Collaborators

Children work and play well with others. They learn from different perspectives and achieve learning outcomes together.

The Star Learners’ Unique Two-Pronged Approach is Designed to Bring Out The Best in Every Child

School Tour of Star Learners

A Unique Two-Pronged Approach; Designed to Develop A Love for Learning

At Star Learners, our literature-based approach is integrated with a robust activity-based approach, where we engage a child’s imagination while helping them develop a combination of essential skills like problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, and communication.

Why we adopt a literature-based approach

Stories appeal to all - both children and teachers

  • Learning becomes a joy and children stay interested and engaged
  • Sparks imagination and stimulates curiosity
  • Provides opportunities for meaningful interactions in the classroom

Broadens our worldview and encourages all to appreciate different perspectives

  • Helps children develop sense of empathy to better understand the emotions of others
  • Encourages children to think deeply, creatively and critically, with both heart and mind

Builds strong foundation for early literacy

  • Many studies show that literacy is one of the greatest determining factors for academic success
  • Prepares children well for formal education in primary school

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Find out what our parents say about us

  • Customer Testimonails

    Star Learners @ Bukit Batok has journeyed alongside us over the past 7+ years - allowing us to entrust our 3 children to the care of the school throughout their pre-school years. The school has been very consistent and constantly gave us feedback on how our kids are coping in school. Teachers are full of love and positivity, and ever so patient and encouraging to the children. Our eldest had separation anxiety back then, but the teachers were very encouraging and patient with him. The curriculum is robust and provides diverse exposure to the children.

  • Customer Testimonails

    I enrolled my daughter in Star Learners @ Thomson since she was 18 months old, and she has since graduated last year. During her time at Star Learners, she learnt a lot from Ms Jessica and Huan Lao Shi, and these skills have helped her adapt well in primary school. Ms Aiwen was also extremely attentive to any concerns parents had. I would say she is one of the best principals I have come across. If there is any Star Learners centre you would like to send your child to, this centre would be it!


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Receive a Welcome Pack worth $150 when you enrol by 31st March 2022!
* Promotion is only valid for new enrolments who sign up for our full-day child care programme
* Child’s commencement date must be no later than 31 March 2022

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