Stepping Stones Infant Care
Stepping Stones Infant Care
Stepping Stones Infant Care
Stepping Stones Infant Care

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Stepping Stones Infant Care

Meeting and developing the physical, cognitive and psychosocial needs of every infant

Location: 15 Jln Cherpen, Singapore 769922
Programme: Infant Care Services For 2 Months to 18 Months Old
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About Stepping Stones Infant Care

Our doors are open to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where your little ones can grow and learn with confidence.

Taking care of an infant is an unending labour of love and we empathise with working parents who find it impossible to give their child their fullest attention. Our experienced educarers are committed to respecting, responding, and reciprocating with your infant on a daily basis.

With our low teacher-child ratio, our dedicated team is patient in assisting each infant in their cognitive development and fostering a love for learning. Infants learn best in environments where they can have secure relationships with caring and responsive adults, where they feel safe, and where they feel free to explore and learn.

Let your little one explore the world in a safe environment where they are always watched over.

Our Location

Safe Environment

At Stepping Stones Infant care we adopt LumenAire which is a medical-grade UV Air disinfectant purifier to eliminate 99% of air-born virus and bacteria. Our school is constantly monitoring the air quality using sensors per NEA guided standards, reducing the risk of your child exposing to common virus such as Covid-19, HFMD, and Gastroenteritis .

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Stepping Stones Infant Care
Stepping Stones Infant Care

Our 6 Learning Domains

Early Language Developments

Language acquisition is an important part of child development as it helps our little ones express themselves well. Our teachers engage our infants with daily one-to-one conversations for them to understand new words and concepts. Apart from speaking to them, singing, reading, storytelling, drawing, scribbling and singing nursery rhymes help to advance their literacy skills at an early age.


Early math concepts, such as counting, shapes, measurement, patterns and colours are exposed to the infants in an enjoyable manner. Our teachers read stories with numbers, play counting and sorting games and sing number songs to help them interact with the material world.

Motor Skills Development

Head and neck stability is strengthened by giving the infants tummy time. Depending on the development stage of the infant, motions like reaching for or grasping toys or rolling and crawling are encouraged to activate their motor skills and muscles

Discovery of the World

Fun and engaging activities such as bubble play, sensory bottles, sink vs float, magnet exploration, sensory exploration and gardening are introduced to the infants to inspire an awe for the world and stimulate interaction with their environment.

Aesthetic Creativity (Music & Movement, Art)

Music at early ages helps children express themselves through movement. Infants may sway, bounce, and move their hands in response to the tunes or learn new words through repetition within songs. They will also experiment with art for festive ocassions through scribbling with markers and crayons which sets the foundation for learning to write.

Social & Emotional Development

With the community of infants growing together, infants learn to wait patiently for their turn and work together with their peers. Such interactions foster empathy during daily interactions especially when imitating the love, affection and encouragement from their teachers. Our little ones are encouraged to acknowledge and express their emotions throughout the day,

Some words from our happy parents

Stepping Stones Infant Care
Stepping Stones Infant Care
Stepping Stones Infant Care

Want to develop your child holistically while you’re at work? Entrust your infants to our care

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