Sunny Bunny Montessori
Sunny Bunny Montessori
Sunny Bunny Montessori
Sunny Bunny Montessori
Sunny Bunny Montessori

Sunny Bunny Montessori Preschool
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An authentic Montessori childcare with strong mandarin curriculum

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Location: 680, #01-01 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 787103
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About Sunny Bunny Montessori Preschool

Sunny Bunny Montessori Preschool believes that every child is unique. Our authentic Montessori method of teaching enables the ideal development of each child, with mixed age learning. Our strong Mandarin curriculum strives to let your children foster strong interest and relationship with the language.

Benefits of Montessori Curriculum at Sunny Bunny

  • Following the child's pace: One-to-one learning with teachers based on their stage of development, interests, and needs. 
  • Well-designed environment: Comprehensive array of Montessori materials to develop skills in the 5 areas: Language, Mathematics, Cultural, Sensorial and Practical Life
  • Promote Social interaction and harmony: Mixed age interactions and learning help children collaborate and cross learn from each other
  • Identifies the strengths of each child and unleashing the child’s maximum potential

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Our curriculum

Strong Mandarin Literacy

Emphasis on Mandarin Literacy skills to make your child love the language

Sunny Bunny Montessori


Enjoying and Appreciating Music

Sunny Bunny Montessori

Trampoline & Table Tennis

Improve coordination, balance and motor skills

Sunny Bunny Montessori

Authentic Montessori

Purposeful learning experiences tailored to individual child

Sunny Bunny Montessori

Robotics & Coding

Develop Critical and Logical Thinking

Sunny Bunny Montessori


Stimulate Imagination and Creativity

Sunny Bunny Montessori school Tour

Outside Classroom Learning

Monthly field trips to expose child to different places and foster parent-child bonding.

We believe each child deserves the best and this is why we offer:

  • Montessori curriculum promotes independence and the desire to learn
  • Dedicated, qualified and caring teachers
  • Breakfast even if child is dropped off after 9am. All meals prepared in-house daily.
  • Best-in-class student-teacher ratio to ensure each child gets the attention he/she needs.
  • Regular updates with teachers via digital tools.

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Saturday Enrichment Class

Sunny Bunny will be offering a series of weekend enrichment programmes and Montessori playgroup sessions to children from 12 months to 6 years old so that more children can benefit from our programmes.

The weekend enrichment programmes include trampoline fun, art and craft and Chinese lessons.

Sunny Bunny Montessori
Sunny Bunny Montessori

Some words from our happy parents

  • Customer Testimonails

    One day, my daughter Ale came home and told me that Xiao Yun Jie Jie, a Chinese staff who stood in to relieve a teacher, read a Chinese book to her. I have the same reader at home and Ale remembered. She came home ransacked the bookshelf to find the book. Then she stayed with me and read the entire book on her own word for word. I was totally shocked! It’s amazing! Her Chinese foundation is so much stronger than my elder girl. the school makes a lot of difference. I think Su Laoshi did a very good job at building a good foundation for her last year. Ale is doing very well and really enjoying school. At home, she will sing the continents song too. A lot of difference from when she was in her previous school. I could see the difference last year within a few months after joining Sunny Bunny! I think Mrs Chan, the director, is doing a great job with the school. All her hard work can be seen from how much the kids enjoy going to school. For my Ale, I know she definitely enjoy going to school, never complain about not wanting to go to school. If I fetch her home too early I will get “scolding” from her in the car and then the next morning she will remind me no to fetch her too early. I especially like the prompt feedback, response and genuine concern from teachers and staff of Sunny Bunny! Thank you!

    Mrs Charlene Khoo (Parent of a N2 Child)
  • Customer Testimonails

    My almost 3-year old has been at Sunny Bunny for only two months, but the progress she has shown is nothing short of amazing. She has blossomed into a curious, confident and caring little girl under the dedication of the teachers, and is expressing herself much better despite a speech delay. From not speaking a word of Chinese, she now sings full Chinese songs and her ability to speak and recognise Chinese characters has exploded in this short time. Prior to joining Sunny Bunny, she was at a well-known preschool chain for 8 months but we saw little growth and never felt at ease leaving her there. At Sunny Bunny, we have absolute peace of mind knowing she is in capable, loving and patient hands. This school is truly special and a second home for our kids.

    Stephanie Shi (Parent of a PN1 child)

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