Sunny Bunny Montessori
Sunny Bunny Montessori

Sunny Bunny Montessori Preschool

A Montessori preschool with strong Chinese curriculum in a new and beautifully renovated space at Ang Mo Kio

Location: 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #01-65, Singapore 569139
Transportation: School bus is available.
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About Sunny Bunny Montessori Preschool

Located in a 4-storey terrace unit with a private lift at Ang Mo Kio, the school features:

  • An indoor gym
  • A library of montessori materials
  • A rooftop playground
  • Outdoor trampolines
  • A musical corner

Sunny Bunny Montessori Preschool believes every child is unique and uses the Montessori method to encourage a desire to learn. Our strong Mandarin curriculum strives to let your child love the language.

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Sunny Bunny Montessori
Sunny Bunny Montessori
Sunny Bunny Montessori
Sunny Bunny Montessori
Sunny Bunny Montessori
Sunny Bunny Montessori

Benefits of Montessori Curriculum at Sunny Bunny

  • Daily 1-1 individualised sessions for learning according to each child's development
  • Personalised to each child based on their unique stage of development, interests, and needs. 
  • Tracking of each child’s progress through the curriculum
  • Learning at individual pace
  • Wholistic curriculum

Strong Mandarin Literacy

To develop a love for the languge and master it well

Sunny Bunny Montessori


Enjoying and appreciating music

Sunny Bunny Montessori

Table tennis

Improve coordination, balance and motor skills

Sunny Bunny Montessori

Authentic Montessori

Purposeful learning experiences tailored for each child

Sunny Bunny Montessori

Robotics & Coding

Develop critical and logical thinking

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Outside Classroom Learning

Monthly field trips to expose child to different places and foster parent-child bonding

We believe each child deserves the best and this is why we offer:

  • Montessori curriculum to promote independence and the desire to learn
  • Dedicated, qualified and caring teachers 
  • Best-in-class student-teacher ratio
  • Breakfast even if child is dropped off after 9am  
  • Freshly-prepared in-house meals
  • Regular update and communication with teachers

Fees are ALL-INCLUSIVE of weekday enrichment programmes including robotics, puppetry, show & tell, music & movement and table tennis.

Some words from our happy parents

  • Customer Testimonails

    I send my 3 kids (2 boys and 1 girl) aged 2 years apart to Sunny Bunny Montessori since 2017. Most importantly, my kids received excellent preschool education with dedicated teachers & excellent facilities, especially with the Montessori way of imparting knowledge.
    My eldest boy has special needs, and Sunny Bunny was able to conduct some early intervention techniques. I guess that is the wonder of the Montessori way.
    Another aspect of Sunny Bunny is the Mandarin curriculum. Simply amazing. Every child is guaranteed to recognise 4000 Mandarin characters before entering Primary school. Their exposure to Mandarin at such a young age and ability to read Mandarin characters was astounding to me.
    Sunny Bunny has robotics (they send teams to participate in the annual robotics competition), gym classes, table tennis, Mathematics, Mandarin, English ALL in the curriculum, and year end, the children are exposed to preparing for the annual year end concert cum graduation.
    The toys/equipment used for the lessons are top notch. Even during the Covid years when HBL was implemented, all the teachers at Sunny Bunny conducted full day lessons everyday through HBL. There were no making up of excuses to close down the centre for a few days just because of Covid.
    Now that my kids have graduated from Sunny Bunny, I feel almost sad that my kids have left an golden era of being so well-taken care of at Sunny Bunny. A lot of the children who graduated from SB all managed to enter top tier primary schools and achieved getting awards.

    Xi Tao Chui, Parent of K2 child
  • Customer Testimonails

    Sunny Bunny is a very good school which provides a balance of excellent curriculum and activities. This school is strong in their Chinese characters and reading, as well as English, Math and Science, and their personalised 1-to-1 teaching results in children having to improve very quickly. All my children goes to this school, and the good quality teachers who use their heart to teach and nurture the children in this school makes me at ease when I leave my kids and focus on work. Highly recommended!

    Jean Chong, Parent of Nursery and PN2 child

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